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SP5Service Pack 5 (Microsoft Windows NT 4.0)
SP5Specialist 5th Class
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The Surfscan SP5 unpatterned wafer inspector incorporates enhanced DUV optical technologies that produce sub-20nm defect sensitivity at production throughput, enabling detection of tiny substrate or blanket film defects that can inhibit successful integration of multi-stack IC devices.
SP2 and SP5 also argue that a strategic plan is critical, but that Spain is lacking a strategic SDI plan defining objectives and priorities on the national level.
The bonds will be worth SP5 billion ($109 million).
Vjayalakshmi Venkateshan, Scientist D, NIN, Hyderabad availed Training on Lelca TCS SP5 Confocal Laser Scan Microscope Imaging System at Manheim, Germany (June 15-19, 2009).
The Syrian cabinet agreed in January last year to establish the QNB -- Syria as a joint company with a capital of SP5 billion ($109 million) divided into 10 million registered shares, with each share valued at SP500.
0 SP5 Federation Security Services (SiteMinder FSS) provides robust identity federation capabilities that enable organizations to easily interconnect with partners.
3] or other gases, the points of interest are either SP3 or SP5 over the alley for WBZ and over the pen for ABZ measurements.
The remaining 3 serum pools, hereafter termed SP4, SP5, and SP6, were collected from MI patients between 48 h and 72 h after symptom onset.
Neil Larsen can be contacted at Lavington, Rectory Road, Alderbury, Salisbury SP5 3AD, by calling 01722 710360 or emailing petaneil@larsen.
Data acceleration company SlipStream Data Inc has claimed independent testing demonstrated SlipStream SP5.
With the all-important SP5 Single Payment Application Form now duly completed and transferred to the care of the authorities, the focus will soon turn to when the payment will be received.