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SP5Service Pack 5 (Microsoft Windows NT 4.0)
SP5Specialist 5th Class
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2 NA objective on a SP5 laser-scanning confocal microscope (Leica) with 488 and 561-nm excitation and 500-550 and 570-700-nm detection windows.
Isolados Procedencia Especie Incidencia Severidade SP5 Plantulas Fusarium proliferatum 100 a 4,0 a 1A Semente Fusarium oxysporum 80 b 2,3 b 3A Semente Fusarium sp.
SP2 and SP5 also argue that a strategic plan is critical, but that Spain is lacking a strategic SDI plan defining objectives and priorities on the national level.
Higher-level mixes correspond to higher Average Daily Truck Traffic (ADTT) (NDOR 2005) as follows: (i) SPS, SP1, SP2 for ADTT < 160 Trucks/day; (ii) SP3, SP4 for ADTT > 160 and ADTT < 500 Trucks/day; and (iii) SP5, SP6 for ADTT > 500 Trucks/day.
Family flowers only donations in lieu, if so desired, to Help for Heroes, 14, Parkers Close, Downton Business Centre, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 3RB.
Family flowers only please, donations if desired to Help For Heroes, Unit 14, Parkers Close, Downton Business Centre, Wiltshire, SP5 3RB.
Dicho recubrimiento se aplico mediante rociado (espray) hasta lograr un espesor aproximado de 100 pun sobre sustratos de acero al carbono ASTM A36 e inoxidable AISI 304 con grado de preparacion superficial SP2 (limpieza manual) y SP5 (limpieza con chorro abrasivo), respectivamente.
The code was compiled and executed on three types of systems, here conventionally referred to as WS, SP5 and BCX.
Lynn Zinser, "A Future on the Line, a Past in the Way," New York Times, August 12, 2007, late edition, SP5.
The bonds will be worth SP5 billion ($109 million).
SP5, also on the rise, was excavated and cored to a depth of 2 m.