SPAACSocial Planning, Analysis and Administration Consultants (Egypt)
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To understand the role the soft and hard networks play and their synergistically mechanical enhancement mechanism, single network hydrogels SPAAc (soft) and HPAAc-[Fe.sup.3+] (hard) were prepared and their performance was compared with that of the dual crosslinked SHPAAc-[Fe.sup.3+] (Fig.
(a) Stress and strain profiles, (b) Loading-unloading test under 800% strain, (c) Elastic modulus and toughness, (d) Tearing energy and dissipated energy of SPAAc, HPAAc-[Fe.sup.3+], and SHPAAc-[Fe.sup.3+] hydrogels.
SPAAC courses cover colloquial and literary Arabic, contemporary Lebanese studies, and an art class of the students' choice.
It also helps strength alumni ties to the University through their children's experience," said Arabia Mohammed Ali, director of alumni relations, of the SPAAC program.