SPAAGSelf-Propelled Anti-Air Gun
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Tanja Braun, from SPAAG, said: "We really wanted to have a good play park for the children in Stokesley to play in a nice, safe environment.
As well as raising their own money, SPAAG were helped by various groups who donated towards the cause.
In 1999, SM Tarnow unveiled the Sopel Spaag, which places a ZU-23-2 with locally developed Type 4216 liquid-cooled barrels on the chassis of a 2S1 howitzer together with an optronic tracker and four ready-to-fire Grom missiles (with eight more carried internally).
Otobreda also hopes to revive its 1990s Otomatic concept of a 76 mm Spaag, which was based on the Palmaria tank chassis and carried its own radar.
For several years, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann has been the source for Gepard and Cheetah Spaag crew air defence gunnery and combat simulators.
Gepard Spaag vehicles thus equipped will be better configured to train with forces of other countries, simulating single or rapid fire on airborne targets within a range of around 4500 metres.
An Italian SPAAG development worthy of note is the Breda modernisation package for the US-built M42 twin 40 mm system.