SPABSociety for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (UK)
SPABSchool Pupil Activity Bus
SPABSupply Priorities and Allocations Board
SPABSecurity Policy Advisory Board
SPABSociety for the Preservation of Adolescent Behavior
SPABStentless Porcine Aortic Bioprosthesis (cardiovascular medicine)
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John Holmes, head of property at Durham Cathedral, said: "We are delighted to be welcoming the SPAB scholars to Durham Cathedral as part of their training programme.
SPAB education officer Marianne Suhr carries out some basic home maintenance tasks and spokesman Loyd nGrossman, who is advising homeowners to remove plants from drainpipes and clear leaves to prevent blockages
SPAB is Britain's oldest heritage charity and National Gutters Day is an annual event that always marks the end of SPAB's National Maintenance Week (November 22-29).
But by following the SPAB guidelines we simply got a metal plate and used it to hold the two pieces of the beam together.
BLOCKAGES: A badly maintained building cannot be an energy efficient building, say SPAB campaigners.
SPAB secretary Philip Venning said: ``Homeowners lack the confidence to get to grips with maintenance,according to MORI research.
Ricciotti's design revolves around the idea of making the new impinge as lightly as possible on the old, of creating something akin to a theatrical set; and to this end (rather in the SPAB manner) he enlisted two artists, Elizabeth Cresseveur and Josep van Lieshout and architect, Francois Deslaugiers.
The SPAB are developing advice, information and courses on improving energy efficiency, compatibly with conservation, for owners and users of ancient buildings and the current project is based in its own headquarters in Spital Square London.
SPAB is also showing that good maintenance makes a positive contribution to sustainable living.
The SPAB is Britain's oldest building conservation organisation, and consequently it is a positive mine of information and good advice on this subject.
Anyone who wants to take part can send their poem to Beloved Buildings, SPAB, Spital Square, London, E1 6DY.
4 In his use of new materials and techniques he went further than most of Morris's SPAB followers who tended for instance to add to a stone building in stone, but used in a way that clearly showed it to be new work.