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SPACECOMSpace Command
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Spacecom is partnering with Ringo SA, a Cameroon ISP, to provide more than 120 educational institutions, community centres and rural villages with stable and rapid broadband Internet connections.
That new direction will require not only innovation, but also collaboration, and SpaceCom is a fantastic platform to nurture that kind of creative and inventive collaboration.
Lord is the first SPACECOM commander who is not a "three-hatted commander," also in charge of Northern Command (NORAD), and United States Space Command (USSPACECOM).
Alcatel Space plays an important role -- as prime contractor, operator, investor, or service provider -- in a majority of ongoing space programs through two separate subsidiaries: Alcatel Spacecom and Alcatel Space Industries.
Initially SpaceCom will use the Galaxy XI satellite after its launch in late December and will then transition the service to Galaxy IVR upon the satellite's launch a few months later.
Spaceport America Officials Launch "Reach for the Stars" Campaign featuring Master Development Plan at SpaceCom Expo in Houston, Texas
SPACECOM has argued such, but they have a bit of a parochial interest in demonstrating that they are a real warfighting command.
CHINA SPACECOM, Globalstar's service provider partner in the country, is initially providing mobile and fixed phone service, including voice, voice mail and short messaging services, throughout the northern half of China, from their gateway in Beijing.
Spacecom provides broadcasting and communications services to DBS and DTH operators, as well as a wide range of broadcasters, ISPs, telecommunications operators, government organizations and network integrators with Internet, voice, data and digital TV services.
More details on the plans for the co-working space and incubator concept will be announced at the SpaceCom Conference in Houston next week.
In a multi-year deal with Spacecom, the 2 firms will make use of the complete broadband payload on the future AMOS-6 satellite and will develop a committed mechanism consisting satellite capacity, gateways and terminals.
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