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SPACECOMSpace Command
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AsiaSat expects that Spacecom will become one of its top customers in terms of revenue contribution once the service term commences.
Granted, Facebook and Spacecom, the two major interested parties in the Amos-6 satellite, will bear the brunt of the loss of equipment in the immediate future.
Israel Aerospace Industries will have to pay Spacecom some $173 million in damages, as well as cover any additional expenses connected to the explosion.
Wateen Telecom would provide Spacecom with Ku-band and C band satellite bandwidth for Pakistan, as well as the Asian region served by the Asian broadcasting satellites ABS-7 and Intelsat IS 904 under the $11.
At the show Carl Zeiss Optronics displayed its LCTSX optical communication systems designed for the TerraSARX programme, part of the team that includes Tesat Spacecom and DLR.
Jockel, "Four US Military Commands: NORTHCOM, NORAD, SPACECOM, STRATCOM--The Canadian Opportunity," Institute for Research on Public Policy, IRPP Working Paper Series no.
2) NORAD carries out these functions through the use of US national assets (operated by SPACECOM during the Cold War but, with the recent elimination of SPACECOM, now operated by STRATCOM), like the Defence Support Program satellites, BMEWS radars, and communications systems.
Table 1 Theater Commands and Proposed Air Components under GHQ AF Air Force MAJCOM First AF NORTHCOM/NORAD * Second AF TRANSCOM Third AF SOCOM Fourth AF SOUTHCOM Fifth AF PACOM Sixth AF SPACECOM Seventh AF USFK Eighth AF EUCOM Ninth AF CENTCOM Tenth AF JFCOM Eleventh AF STRATCOM * NORAD is a special case of a standing alliance with a defined command and control structure
In making the announcement, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said that "STRATCOM and SPACECOM have successfully provided the capabilities to meet the nation's defense needs for many years.
una filial de Globalstar LP, que es una empresa conjunta de Loral Spacecom y Qualcomm Inc.
a subsidiary of Globalstar LP, which is a joint venture of Loral Spacecom and Qualcomm Inc.
Among the vendors offering wireless Internet solutions by way of two-way satellite were SpaceCom Systems (Tulsa, Okla.
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