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SPADSignal Passed At Danger
SPADSingle Pass Albumin Dialysis
SPADSingle Photon Avalanche Diode
SPADSignaling Pathway Database
SPADSimple Plastic Airplane Design (radio control aircraft hobby)
SPADSolid Phase Analytical Derivatization
SPADStandard Payment Amount per Discharge (healthcare)
SPADSpool Administration
SPADSeaway Port Authority of Duluth (Duluth, MN)
SPADSoil and Plant Analyzer Development (Japan)
SPADScratch Pad Memory
SPADService Platform Application Development (Sprint)
SPADSonobuoy Precision Aerial Delivery (KaZak Composites, Inc.)
SPADDepartment of Speech Pathology and Audiology
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Experts at the university's Institute of Railway Research (IRR) have developed new software to "vastly" reduce the risk of trains passing red signals or SPADS - Signals Passed at Danger.
In the literature, there is no clear view related with dialysate albumin concentration in SPAD application.
Table 1: ANOVA of grain yield, straw yield, BSW and SPAD in different treatments for early and late rice in 2012
For the measurement of the SPAD values in winter wheat and maize, a portable Soil Plant Analysis Development (SPAD-502 Plus, Konica Minolta) instrument was used.
On May 31, Marechal-des-Logis Pelton, flying Spad XIIIS8166, went missing after a combat over Soissons.
Em seguida, foram tomadas leituras das folhas com o medidor portatil de clorofila SPAD-502 (Konica Minolta[R], Toquio, Japao), e os resultados, em indice SPAD, foram agrupados em intervalos de classe.
Chlorophyll content and Falker and SPAD indices in wheat plants at 47 days after emergence Methodology of chlorophyll determination Destructive Nondestructive Chlorophyll content Falker Minolta ([micro]g [mL.
Environmental factors are known to affect leaf morphology, which in turn affects foliar optical properties, and can be expected to affect SPAD values [27].
There were a total of 82 Spads between July and September - including those posing "no significant risk" - a rise of over 30% from last year's 63.
A Cabinet Office spokesman explained that pay rises for spads have to be approved by a special committee, which is chaired by Lib Dem Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander.