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SPADSignal Passed At Danger
SPADSpecial Advisor (UK)
SPADSingle Pass Albumin Dialysis
SPADSingle Photon Avalanche Diode
SPADSignaling Pathway Database
SPADSimple Plastic Airplane Design (radio control aircraft hobby)
SPADSolid Phase Analytical Derivatization
SPADStandard Payment Amount per Discharge (healthcare)
SPADSpool Administration
SPADSeaway Port Authority of Duluth (Duluth, MN)
SPADSoil and Plant Analyzer Development (Japan)
SPADScratch Pad Memory
SPADService Platform Application Development (Sprint)
SPADSonobuoy Precision Aerial Delivery (KaZak Composites, Inc.)
SPADDepartment of Speech Pathology and Audiology
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A Cabinet Office spokesman explained that pay rises for spads have to be approved by a special committee, which is chaired by Lib Dem Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander.
Famous spin doctors have included Alastair Campbell (Tony Blair's spin doctor), former News of the World editor Andy Coulson (a former SPAD who worked for David Cameron) and Jo Moore (who was reported to have described 9/11 as "a good day to bury bad news").
Despite the Coalition pledging a "limit" on Spads, the latest figures showed there were 85 by last month, up from 81 in July.
Spads are temporary civil servants who, unlike keenly impartial career civil servants, are usually loyal to one particular minister.
Did Brown really not know about this behind-the-scenes coup his spads were mounting when Blair was weakening as prime minister?
First Minister: "But I thought we fought and won a referendum on law-making powers, to expand devolution so we can do the best for Wales." SpAD: "Well, yes.
The Air Force's adoption of the A-l garnered much attention from the news media, and a reader could have been forgiven for not realizing the Navy still flew more than a dozen squadrons of the Spad.
SPAD readings were taken with a SPAD-502 meter at the terminal leaflet of the first fully developed leaf from the apex of the shoot.