SPADOCSpace Defense Operations Center
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The HASDM/DCA amounted to an evolutionary replacement for the comparatively static atmospheric-density model used by the SPADOC system.
Ground radars such as Globus II, Millstone/Haystack, ALTAIR/TRADEX, the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System, the Perimeter Acquisition Vehicle Entry Phased Array Warning System, and the Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System all have a pedigree in missile warning from the days when the SPADOC was located within Cheyenne Mountain.
The JMS program, the cornerstone of the space superiority enterprise, will replace the 1980s-era SPADOC system as the C2 system that focuses on planning and executing US Strategic Command's joint functional component command for the space mission.
To undertake the complex and computationally intensive job of integrating data from our sensor platforms and fusing a useful SSA picture, the current JSpOC operator relies on disparate--in most cases, antiquated--technology platforms such as the SPADOC computer system; Astrodynamics Support Workstation; and Command, Analysis, and Verification of Ephemerides Network (CAVENet).
Today's SPADOC system is not the answer for tomorrow-or really even for today's dynamic space environment.
We're operating right now on a kind of 1994 software package and a 1980s computer package at the Joint Space Operations Center out at Vandenberg--SPADOC, Space Defense Operations Center, the old SPADOC.
We have also made a software improvement out at the Joint Space Operations Center, the venerable old SPADOC out there, we have kind of removed the bottleneck in some observation flows, so that data is now flowing real time into the SPADOC, and that has really freed up a lot of computational capability for us.