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SPAFSeoul Performing Arts Festival (South Korea)
SPAFStroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation (study)
SPAFScottish Proposal Assistance Fund (Scottish Enterprise; UK)
SPAFSasakawa Pan Asia Fund
SPAFSeattle Performing Arts Fellowship (Washington)
SPAFSpontaneous Peak Alpha Frequency (neurophysiology)
SPAFSpontaneous Platelet Aggregating Factor
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Mucosal adhesion properties of the probiotic Lactobacillusrhamnosus GG SpaCBA and SpaFED pilin subunits.
Portola Pharmaceuticals and healthcare company Merck (NYSE:MRK)(MSD outside the US and Canada) announced that Merck plans to return to Portola all rights for betrixaban, an investigational oral Factor Xa inhibitor anticoagulant being evaluated for the prevention of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation (SPAF).
She observed that Sarki Ghani Jatoi president SPAF, Kamran Audanu and Muflar Shahani chased in our cars from Almurtaza and fired upon her at new bus stand.
It were taken samples of suspension powders by twelve working points denoted by [P.sub.i], the index i belongs to the interval (1, 12) : [P.sub.1]--sandblast cleaning plant with SKB band type, [P.sub.2]--I line formation, [P.sub.3]--line formation mixture III SPAF, [P.sub.4]--a polygonal mesh SPAF 1, [P.sub.5]--a polygonal mesh SPAF 2, [P.sub.6]--mechanical knock-out by vibration IV line, [P.sub.7]--casting sandblast cleaning plant with shot, [P.sub.8]--sixth line molding, [P.sub.9]--iron foundry furnance, [P.sub.10]--dryers for sand, [P.sub.11]--sand preparation plant coated, [P.sub.12]--modeling--collecting plant sawdust dust facility.
Running concurrently with the conference (the first to be held in Asia) was the sixth annual edition of the Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF), the nation's largest theatre festival, which takes place for a month at venues in downtown Seoul.
Each participant completed the shortened premenstrual assessment form (SPAF) as an indicator of PMS.
Clinical decision rules, especially the wellvalidated Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation (SPAF) score, can help identify which groups of patients with atrial fibrillation are likely and unlikely to benefit from anticoagulation.
Eads-Casa is planning to deliver to the SpAF at least two fully upgraded aircraft before the end of 2004.
Air France's largest pilots union SNPL, along with two smaller unions Alter and Spaf, are to continue the strike action until Thursday (20 February).
Factors associated with ischemic stroke during aspirin therapy in atrial fibrillation: Analysis of 2012 participants in the SPAF I-III clinical trials.
For example, the recommendation that patients with a history of hypertension but no other risk factors be considered for oral anticoagulation has been strengthened due in part to the recent Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation (SPAF) III study.