SPAIScreen Printing Association International
SPAISocial Phobia and Anxiety Inventory (assessment)
SPAIStability Pact Anti-Corruption Initiative
SPAISparse Approximate Inverse
SPAIServizio Polifunzionale Per l'Adozione Internazionale (Italian adoption agency)
SPAISpain, Portugal, Africa, Israel (region)
SPAIService Provider Access Interface
SPAIScreen Printers Association International
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The SPAI Index investment strategy includes buying all stocks that currently have options listed on CBOE that are contained in the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index, and partially "writing" (or selling) weekly covered call options on each stock, generally on the last trading day of each week.
Se aplico el PMA en orden contrabalanceado, siendo el tiempo medio de aplicacion de 26 minutos para el PMA y 14 minutos para el SPAI.
El SPAI, la SPS y la SIAS obtuvieron sus items de otros cuestionarios, inventarios o escalas relacionados con la ansiedad social o con medidas generales de ansiedad y aspectos comentados por pacientes socialmente ansiosos.
Entre las SPAI mas utilizadas se encuentran: el cannabis, las anfetaminas, el extasis (metanfetaminas), la cocaina utilizada en sus diferentes presentaciones y conocida como "perico, bazuco o ice" y la heroina llamada "caballo" (5).
After explaining the procedure, the EDAS and two of the well-established screening tests for adolescent SAD: the SPAI (Turner et al.
In Table 5, we compare the multilevel ILU factorization preconditioner with the SPAI method, which computes the matrix M that minimizes, for A = S, [[parallel]I--MA[parallel].
Furthermore, Bogels and Reith (1999) have also found SPAI to be valid and reliable in a German speaking sample.
SIMON, An MPI implementation of the SPAI preconditioner on the T3E, Internat.
The SPAI is a 45-item self-report questionnaire designed to assess somatic complaints, cognitions, and avoidance behaviors that have been found to be anxiety provoking in people with social phobia.
Focus areas of the SPAI are financial transparency, public procurement and auditing, while the core philosophy is the peer process, or the continual monitoring of one another by countries involved, as well as scrutiny by international experts.
The group is Europe's largest packer of sweetcorn and tomatoes -- this year's tomato output will be over 300,000 tonnes at two French sites and four Italian plants, with additional capacity from the SPAI factory in southern Italy.
For personalized mail, SPAI uses first-class airmail; for regular member mailings, it prefers ISAL.