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SPAIDSociety for the Prevention of Asbestosis and Industrial Diseases (United Kingdom)
SPAIDSingle Pass Air Drop (US Air Force)
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SPAID architecture is embedded into the iVivity's iDiSX 2000 storage network processor, making it the industry's only SPAID processing chip.
iVivity's unique combination of storage processing and SPAID provides an ideal ASIC for deploying StoreAge's market-leading split-path SPAID optimized software.
The iDiSX 2000 and StoreAge's suite fully leverage SPAID architectures, providing the highest levels of functionality and integration, without compromising performance," said David Coombs, CEO and president of iVivity, Inc.
As the industry deploys SPAID infrastructures, StoreAge is an ideal candidate to provide key software components.
Users of the StoreAge SPAID solutions gain full access to StoreAge's award-winning family of data protection storage services - multiView (data snapshot), multiCopy (full-sized replication and data migration), multiMirror (local and remote mirroring), and volume management.