SPAIRSimple Pull Apart Insertable Replacement (speaker part; trademark of Kicker Benelux)
SPAIRShort-Scar Periareolar Inferior Pedicle Reduction (breast surgery)
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(2) Division of Neurology, Hospita Jniversitario de Burgos, Burgos, Spair
Singleshot T2W imaging combined with fat suppression employing the SPAIR technique provides optimal sensitivity and specificity for active Crohn's disease.
However, to our best knowledge, there has been no comparative study of T2 Dixon and SPAIR which are more advanced fat suppression techniques.
An additional axial T2-weighted fat suppressed spin echo sequence (TE/TR 110/7548 ms; inversion delay SPAIR 80 ms; flip angle 90; FOV 380x380 [mm.sup.2], acquired voxel size 1.06x1.74x3.0 [mm.sup.3], reconstructed voxel size 0.94x0.94x3.00 [mm.sup.3], total acquisition time 242 s) was performed before the administration of contrast material.
Technique Advantage Disadvantage STIR Insensitive to Increased minimal TR [B.sub.0] inhomogeneity and total measurement time; Tissue contrast affected Dixon Insensitive to Minimal TR increased [B.sub.0] and [B.sub.1] inhomogeneity Water Insensitive to [B.sub.1] Increased min TE, TR and selective inhomogeneity total measurement time excitation spectral fat Shorter TR; Sensitive to [B.sub.0] saturation Tissue contrast preserved and [B.sub.1] inhomogeneity SPAIR Insensitive to [B.sub.1] Increased minimal TR inhomogeneity; Tissue contrast preserved ([B.sub.0] = A constant and homogeneous magnetic field to polarize spins; [B.sub.1] = An RF magnetic field perpendicular to [B.sub.0]; TE = echo time; TR = repetition time) Table 4.
FIGURE 1B: Coronal fat saturated PD SPAIR MR arthrogram shows bucket handle tear of superior Labrum (arrow): SLAP 3.
1.5 T Avanto 3.0 T TimTrio 3.0 T Skyra TR/TE [ms] 5600/75 6000/76 6400/63 Sequence type EPI-SE EPI-SE EPI-SE FOV [mm x mm] 380 x 308 380 x 308 380 x 308 Matrix 192 x 156 192 x 156 192 x 156 Slice 6 5 5 thickness [mm] Interslice 0 0 0 gap [mm] Spatial 2.0 x 2.0 2.0 x 2.0 2.0 x 2.0 resolution x 6.0 x 5.0 x 5.0 [[mm.sup.3]] Number slices 32 33 35 b values 0, 400, 800 0, 400, 800 0, 400, 800 [s/[mm.sup.2]] Parallel imaging GRAPPA 2 GRAPPA 2 GRAPPA 2 Acquisition 4:30 5:06 4:46 time [min] Respiratory Free Free Free control breathing breathing breathing Fat suppression SPAIR SPAIR SPAIR Averages 4 4 3 Bandwidth 1736 1736 1736 [Hz/px] Table 2: Overview of the patient and controls.
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(Even nationwide, aside from some comment on media manipulation, there were few dissenting notes concerning the overriding emotions.) A biology student perhaps best captured the dominant sense of de spair (he lived off campus and his only direct involvement seems to have been seeing three police cats speed by): "This is really shocking.
For those who fought or lived through the war, what it was like to be born into a secret culture of de, spair amid vistas of wealth and seeming promise, in a world filled with stories of victorious fathers, was too unsettling to grasp.