SPAMISpecially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance (United Nations Environment Programme)
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This new programme entitled "Developing and Strengthening Effective Management of Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance (SPAMI)" will benefit managers of marine protected areas (MPAs), civil society organisations and competent authorities in five Mediterranean countries: Albania, Algeria, Italy, Slovenia and Tunisia to support collaboration and work for the sustainable management of eight marine protected areas.
The SPAMI twinning programme aims to share best management and monitoring practices between two SPAMIs or twinned MPAs to build the capacity of SPAMI / MPA managers, to encourage the participation of civil society organisations in the management of SPAMIs /MPA and to set up a collaborative platform for existing or future SPAMIs.
Once the areas are included in the SPAMI List, all the parties agree <<to recognize the particular importance of these areas for the Mediterranean>>, <<to comply with the measures applicable to the SPAMIs and not to authorize nor undertake any activities that might be contrary to the objectives for which the SPAMIs were established>>.