SPANCSpace Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls (card game)
SPANCSomogy Provincial Association for Nature Conservation (est. 1980)
SPANCSociété Protectrice des Animaux de Nouvelle Calédonie (French: Humane Society of New Caledonia)
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Main features: Benefits include: -the acquisition of a SPANC management software that will integrate a mapping-services installation and configuration of this software-training-skills transfer component for administration of the software-maintenance and development of the software as well as technical assistance and functional-recovery data from cart @ V1-day the data export module -the data import module If the proposed solution GIS is a Web solution: -Accommodations the complete solution: WEB server, database server, map server, SSL Certificate (subdomain name will be supplied by the master of) work Delivery time: l application will be operational) (validated application acceptance no later than 1 February 2016.
Also allow the creation of a regulation specific to the common sanitation and the creation of a SPANC (public service of sewerage).
Despite the different operating SPANC, the progress of functioning controls state is the same stage.