SPANCSpace Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls (card game)
SPANCSomogy Provincial Association for Nature Conservation (est. 1980)
SPANCSociété Protectrice des Animaux de Nouvelle Calédonie (French: Humane Society of New Caledonia)
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Early data from the SPANC showed that among homosexual men mainly recruited from community-based settings in Sydney, 59% had abnormal cytology and 35% had histologic HSIL.
Early publications from SPANC also expressed concern about the resources required to follow-up the 59% of abnormal cytology results seen in the study's community-based population.
The incidence of HPV-associated AIN and anal squamous cell carcinoma in at-risk populations is on the rise, and whether screening with anal cytology will help prevent anal cancer will be answered by studies such as ANCHOR and SPANC in the next several years as will the impact of HPV vaccination in prevention of anal cancer.