SPANDShared Passive Network Performance Discovery
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A concentracao de fluor presente nas amostras foi determinada pelo metodo de SPANDS {sodium 2-(parasulfophenylazo)-1,8-dihydroxy-3,6-naphtalene disulfonate}, com auxilio do aparelho espectrofotometro HACH DR 2500.
As an endless run of revival tours and kitsch makeovers has made clear, there's still an abiding fascination for the pantomime horses and make-weights who sprung to life in the bafflingly pompous era when the Spands held court.
Toyah will be more famous to a new generation from her voiceover work on Teletubbies and as kids' TV star Barmy Auntie Boomerang, but while she and the Spands may be dressing down, Fry laughs and says, "People are yearning for flamboyance.