SPARCESchools of the Pacific Rainfall Climate Experiment
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What sparce data exist on omcga-3 fatty-acid levels in consumers of fish from the Great Lakes-St.
In his sparce review of cognitive research, he alludes to only very general processes, such as those related to the ways in which individuals attribute states of mind to, or interpret the states of minds of, others.
Our sparce knowledge of those cultures today is based on the narrations of chroniclers and on archaeological findings.
His voice so weak it is at times barely audible, today Hewlett is holed up in his cramped, sparce apartment, with Mariana, 33, and six young children.
We take Judge Sotomayor's "sparce" record on abortion (a favorite media description), combine it with the assurances made to the abortion lobby, and sprinkle on Obama's record (and promises) on abortion.
However, studies involving larger populations that compare its efficacy with that of cyclosporin, including cases of KCS of different etiologies, are sparce. It should be noted that, except for cyclosporin and pilocarpine, the substances discussed here are still in the experimental phase, with these agents not being currently available and their cost-benefit relationship being unknown.
There were also no reviews found in The Stage or Era for Her Great Revenge in 1923, coverage of Dublin plays being sparce in both sources.
All were a bit coy about the actual dressing, but David said later: "Suffice it to say they were generally black Cormorants with a slim dressing and sparce wing."
Not only is the enormous canvas a hitherto unrecognised major work of art, but it also provides a unique view of London in the years before the Great Fire, and may also prove to be the most important known source of information relating to English contemporary dress at the Restoration, for which visual evidence is otherwise sparce. Furthermore, it is supported not only by eyewitness reports but also by unequivocal documentary evidence in the form of a journal kept by the Prince's equerry, Le Seigneur de la Neuville, in which every detail of the entire embassy is related, and which in itself is an extraordinary record of the city as well as of diplomatic practice.
But there was still an almost surreal atmosphere as the teams warmed up in silence in front of a sparce crowd, which will no doubt make cynics question the venue for the competition.
Excellently directed by Michael Grandage with a sparce but fabulously atmospheric gothic stage set, this is as much a tale about the nature of actors and acting as the state of reality.