SPARCLEServer Privacy Architecture and Capability Enablement
SPARCLESPAce Readiness Coherent LIDAR Experiment (shuttle experiment)
SPARCLESouth Pole Atmospheric Radiation and Cloud Lidar Experiment
SPARCLESpaceborne Aerosol and Cloud Lidar Earth (probe)
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La terza sezione approfondisce il tema della "Qualita di vita e partecipazioneViene illustrato lo studio europeo longitudinale SPARCLE (Study of Participation of Children with Cerebral Palsy living in Europe) su soggetti con PCI di varia gravita, nati tra il 1991 e il 1997, residenti in otto paesi europei, che sono stati sottoposti ad una prima valutazione tra gli 8 e i 12 anni e ad una seconda valutazione tra i 13 e i 17 anni.
The SPARCLE notebook is a complementary addition to Tadpole's current family of 64-bit UNIX notebooks, and is capable of running the full range of Solaris applications available.
Taking productivity to a new level, SPARCLE notebooks are ideal for software engineers, field engineers and technical consultants who are telecommuting or working on the road.
A spokesperson for the company said that the Sparcle is a more affordable model and so it is thought that its release will expand the company's customer base.
Pricing for the Sparcle notebook workstation begins at USD2,995.
As mentioned earlier, given the hardware fetch-and-complement operation to be added to the Sparcle chip's set of conditional load/store operations, one will be able to implement a shared-memory diffracting-tree-based counter in a wait-free manner, that is, without any locks.