SPARNSignal Preserving Attenuation of Random Noise
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The authors thank Craig Christensen, Bethany Sparn, Kate Hudon, Eric Wilson, Jenny Melius, Billy Roberts, and Nathan Clark of NREL, Moncef Krarti of the University of Colorado Boulder, and Hannah Cassard of Abengoa (formerly of NREL) for their reviews and other contributions.
(18) Walter Sparn, "'Aussichten in die Ewigkeit' Jenseitsvorstellungen in der neuzeitlichen protestantischen Theologie," in Jenseits, ed.
When he revised his Commentar fiber die Schriften des Evangelisten Johannes (Bonn: Eduard Weber, 1833), 324, Friedrich Lucke, the well-known professor of Protestant theology and friend of Friedrich Schleiermacher, added mention of "Diesseits" and "Jenseits" in reference to contemporary "dialectical criticism." According to Sparn, Schleiermacher himself apparently refrained from using the term "Jenseits," even in the 1831 revision of his Glaubenslehre: Sparn, Aussichten, 36-37.
When used to detect sparn, a Bayesian filter examines emails that are known to be spam and emails that are known to be legitmate and compares the content in both emails in order to build a database of mrds that will, according to probability, identify or predict future emails as spam or legitimate email.
Barracuda and other vendors use some open source components, such as Linux OS, in their Sparn firewall solutions.
Thompson and Gunter Sparn at the Los Alamos (N.M.) National Laboratory subjected the potassium-buckyball super-conductor to a pressure of 21,000 atmospheres.
Usually, pressure compresses the atoms in a superconductor, thereby allowing the electric current to move freely at higher temperatures, says Sparn. But by putting a rubidium-doped buckyball under pressure, "you can easily bring the critical temperature down to the same level as potassium [buckyballs]," adds Whetten, who collaborated with the Los Alamos group on this work.
Kate Hudon, Bethany Sparn, Dane Chris-tensen, Ph.D.
A more detailed description of the laboratory work and its results has been published (Sparn 2011).
A detailed description of the experimental configuration, including schematics, was previously published (Sparn 2011).
More information can be found in our Technical Report (Sparn 2011).