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SPARQLSimple Protocol and RDF (Resource Description Framework) Query Language
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From Barry Zane, CEO of SPARQL City: “The release of 1.
Custom code applied the Jena framework to execute the SPARQL queries and organize wiki updates.
The outstanding SPARQL Server performance is a direct result of the algebraic techniques enabled by our patented Algebraixtechnology," said Arthur Keen, VP of strategy and products at Algebraix Data.
The enzyme's URI can now be used in a SPARQL query in other RDF stores to find information about that enzyme providing the scientist a broader set of information for planning or analyzing the experiment data.
Furthermore, Algebraix Data's SPARQL Server is the only database to have executed all of SP2Bench queries, including all six of the queries that were not successfully executed within the Revelytix guidelines by other Resource Description Framework (RDF) databases.
Figure 4 shows the user interface that uses an RDF presentation of design patterns, accessed with SPARQL queries.
The ontology is provided as Linked Data with Web services access (and a pending SPARQL endpoint).
and product manager, will be presenting "Algebra Unlocks SPARQL Performance" at the Semantic Technology & Business Conference on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 3:30 p.
Complex questions can be asked using a querying language called SPARQL [7].
8b) for document annotations, semantic search based document retrival using SPARQL query language [32], etc.
This release introduces a new approach to enterprise information and data-integration, leveraging recent advances in Semantic Web technology such as SPARQL and the best practices of HTTP-based Linked Data across heterogeneous data sources.
PT) and Buxton will present the session, "Querying Tuples in an XML Store and SPARQL to XQuery Translation," tomorrow from 1:40 - 2:30 p.