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SPARQLSimple Protocol and Rdf Query Language
SPARQLSimple Protocol and RDF (Resource Description Framework) Query Language
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Esto es posible debido a que una nueva pregunta de competencia se formaliza e integra en la aplicacion mediante una consulta SPARQL.
Com relacao a recuperacao dos dados, o SPARQL apresenta-se como uma funcao central, que permite a recuperacao dos dados em formatos compativeis com a WS, especialmente o RDF e a OWL.
the ontologies) is also expressed in OWL, this would allow having to some extent compatibility between languages formalizing the different knowledge manipulated by the system, as well as, the knowledge operating tools such as SPARQL.
It considers using semantic web technology to develop a general data store that merges data from different sources, and then SPARQL queries retrieve data related to a visualization scenario and format it according to the corresponding visualizer input schema.
The structure and method that have emerged for this purpose are the data model Resource Description Framework (RDF), and its companion query language Protocol and RDF Query Language (SPARQL).
Stuart states that "Ontologies, and the associated instance data, are generally interrogated for one of three reasons: to determine whether an ontology is suitable for reuse; to extract information from an ontology; and to gather information about an ontology's use." In this chapter, the author provides a list of common query tools such as SPARQL, DBpedia, and the use of semantic web crawlers.
Since the health data and medical knowledge are mostly represented using RDF, in order to perform semantic querying and reasoning we use SPARQL to perform semantic querying over health information.
The SmartOntoSensor functional requirements represent the intended tasks and are represented in competency questions, which the ontology should answer by executing SPARQL queries such as "what is a smartphone location?," "what is the sensing accuracy of a smartphone X sensor?," "which of a smartphone sensors could be used for recognizing a Y context?," "what is the accelerometer sensor xaxis observation value for sitting context," "what are the environmental conditions for a sensor to work?," and "what are the humidity level of an environment?" The set of possible competency questions would help in determining the correctness, completeness, consistency, verifiability, and understandability of requirements.