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SPARTSingle Particle Aerodynamic Relaxation Time
SPARTSelf-Propelled Accident Relief Train (India)
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No significant relationship was observed between age and improvements in PASAT SPART I, SPART II, WLG, SDMT SRT I, or SRT II (p>0.
That's a healthy thing to do and that' spart of the democracy of our party.
Even the fictional left-wing pundit Dave Spart would have had trouble finding the words to describe the absurd and pointless gesture by Labour politicians in Birmingham who boycotted an important council meeting yesterday because they did not want to cross picket lines and break a one-day strike by local authority workers.
Spart, as he is also known, attended Bowling Green College in Ohio and worked at various jobs before being drafted into the Army to serve in the Korean War.
Gegenteiliges ist der Fall: vielmehr lasst Benoist den Kriegsmechanismus verschwinden, spart sogar feudalherrliches Eigentum am Menschen--Leibeigenschaft, Robot--ebenso aus wie den lebensnotwendigen Beutegewinn der kleinen Ritter und redet ganz in romantischer Manier von blosser Heldengesinnung.
And as with other businesses in the area, the Spart Stores and off licence is starting to feel the benefit of the Eden project.
The table - Spart - is a 3D work, making it impossible to play on the surface.
Some of that is, of course, spart of the on-going attempts win the hearts and minds, to sometimes sceptical Teesside public on board and put bums eats.
Whickham went top of Division One after a 2-0 win over Harraton Athletic Greens, Caithness and Franklin were on the mark for Whickham and keep their unbeaten record intact, while AC Raiders took the honours 3-2 against FC Spart.
Having arrived a spart of a quartet of young British hopefuls, Evans, who competed in the 64kg division, was one of two fighters to come home with gold.