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see also Spash & Lo, supra note 69, at 71 (suggesting that the
Current fossil fuel and infrastructure polices totally contradict the supposed commitment of nations to the Paris Agreement, and its already exceeded, scientifically unhinged, target for a potentially catastrophic 2[degrees]C average global temperature increase (Spash, 2016a).
Sensitivity analysis is performed in order to find the most vulnerable parameters in terms of costs for the evaluated scenarios (Hanley, Spash 1993).
Mark Spash, senior partner of Piper Smith Watton, said: "We have been looking for the right partner to enable us to better serve our clients across a more powerful platform.
Historically, cost-benefit analysis was most commonly found in the environmental sector of the US Government according to Hanley and Spash (1993).
O excedente do produtor mede o seu bem-estar e esta definido como a area acima da curva de oferta e abaixo da linha do preco (CURRIE et al., 1971; HANLEY e SPASH, 1993; HACKETT, 2006).
However, Spash and Hanley (1995) suggest that nonrespondents in contingent valuation studies may find it difficult to answer these questions because of the high value they attach to these goods, and the potential net effect in our estimations of incorporating responses from these nonrespondents was hard to discern.