SPAUSpeech Pathology and Audiology (various universities)
SPAUServiciul Public Ambient Urban (Romanian: Public Service of Urban Environment; Department of Public Services; Romania)
SPAUStock Price Appreciation Unit
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814 m; NETWORK domestic sewage - 3,321 m; Rehabilitation of sewerage network - 827 m; -Pipe Discharge of the pump station - 160 m; Rehabilitation of the discharge pipe pumping station - 170 m; SPAU one.
Two rockfishes (bocaccio, SPAU 3772 and widow rockfish, SENT 3753) that left Anacapa Island were detected for short periods of time at Platform Gail before apparently traversing back to Anacapa Island and subsequently falling out of detection altogether.
Species Common Name Species Code Lingcod Ophiodon elongatus OELO Mexican rockfish Sebastes macdonaldi SMAC Greenblotched rockfish Sebastes rosenblatti SGBL Brown rockfish Sebastes auriculatus SAUR Vermilion rockfish Sebastes miniatus SMIN Copper rockfish Sebastes caurinus SCAU Widow rockfish Sebastes entomelas SENT Squarespot rockfish Sebastes hopkinsi SHOP Blue rockfish Sebastes mystinus SMYS Bocaccio Sebastes paucispinis SPAU Flag rockfish Sebastes rubrivinctus SRUB Starry rockfish Sebastes constellatus SCON Platform (# of fish) Size Range Common Name (TL in cm) Gail Gilda Grace Lingcod 66.