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SPAWSpecially Protected Areas and Wildlife
SPAWStrategic Plan for the Advancement of Women (Zambia)
SPAWSociety for the Preservation of Artificial Wildlife (Northfield, NH)
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Barton told Judge James Blancarte that Spaw violated a temporary restraining order the court issued against him two months ago when he popped up at the home of a friend she was staying with.
Barton and Spaw were supposed to have a courtroom showdown, but he never made it because of a family emergency.
In addition to mobile grooming, MJ's Pet Spaw will be offering dog walking, pet taxi service, home sitting, and massage therapy for animals, as well as a small selection of premium pet goods for sale.
Mary Parker, Lady Fitzharding, wrote from London to her spa-going friend Sarah Churchill, Lady Marlhorough, that although she didn't, "design to drink the waters,." at Bath, she was advised instead "to take some waters hear which the dockter says will doe me as much good." (13) Averring that water from a spring at Rousham had been good for her health, Anne Dormer revealed that she had been able to drink it without traveling, for "the spaw water ...
These medicinal waters are of two sorts, the chalybeate and the sulphur; of the former, there are two springs at High-Harrogate, the most ancient of which, called the OLD SPAW, is near the Granby Inn....
The executive committee of the Society to Preserve the American Way (SPAW) isn't going to wait for that to happen.
(18.) The less-populated western counties had been overrepresented in the Texas legislature since the early days of the Republic of Texas (Spaw 1990, 21).
From Scadoo to Spaw the distance is two days by water.
Representative values of soil physical properties including their water-holding abilities are listed in Table 15-2 for selected soil textures (Saxton, 2005; based on over 2000 samples used in the soil water characteristics portion of the SPAW model,
* Version 6.1 of the Soil-Plant-Air-Water (SPAW) water budget model is now available from the National Water and Climate Center.