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SPAWARSpace & Naval Warfare Systems Command (US Navy)
SPAWARSpace Warfare
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Ashley Alexander, a scientist assigned to SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific), trained Milius Sailors during the SOT on the various intelligence systems on board.
SPAWAR transforms ships, aircraft and vehicles from individual platforms into integrated battle forces, enhancing information dominance and awareness among Navy, Marine, joint forces, federal agencies and international allies.
Based upon the USMC IAS FoS requirements, a server-based computing solution was needed," said Steve Fraile, SPAWAR IAS FoS Project Manager.
The two teams have been funded by SPAWAR to compete for a system design and development contract to be awarded in January 2004, for construction of the first MUOS satellite, which will be launched in 2008.
Deidre Lee, the Pentagon's director of defense procurement, said the agency is moving to stop credit card abuses and recently suspended all purchase cards held by SPAWAR employees, pending a full review.
Since the war began, we have been involved with special short-term needs to meet the war effort aboard the fleet's ships," said Richard Williamson, spokeman for SPAWAR.
A subcommittee, which recommended changes for RFP standardization, recently received approval, acceptance and implementation of these recommendations by the SPAWAR Command.
CSSI is delighted to be selected to continue our support to SPAWAR," said Ken Gordon, chief operating officer of CSSI, Inc.
Under this particular SPAWAR contract, ViaSat will help support the sustainment and modernisation of the joint UHF military satcom network integrated control system, UHF satcom channel controllers and user terminals.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-July 19, 2016-Cabrillo wins USD37m SPAWAR contract
The Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) with the Verdure Award for innovative and proactive approaches in promoting the use of small businesses in SPAWAR acquisitions throughout fiscal year 2015.
Joe Beel, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific commanding officer, presented Judish with the Bronze Star in recognition of his leadership, commitment and exemplary performance of duty while serving as an individual augmentee (IA) in Afghanistan.