SPAWARSYSCENSpace and Naval Warfare Systems Center
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This contract is new but it represents an expansion of the critical support services Engility has been providing for the past 12 years to the SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic enterprise," said Tony Smeraglinolo, President and CEO of Engility.
This contract is new but represents an expansion of the critical support services Engility has already been providing for the past twelve years on behalf of the SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic Enterprise.
Supported by the Naval Innovative Science and Engineering (NISE) program, he conceptualized and led the establishment of the SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic ARC.
Alion has assembled a highly experienced team of software engineers, systems engineers and subject matter experts to deliver coding, network engineering, information assurance, scenario development, and event execution services for SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic and its customers.
The SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston contract is for continued work as the prime software contractor in support of the SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston development and integration of their NETCOP tool for U.
Contract Will Allow SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston's Code J71 to Maximize Warfighters' Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Capabilities
SPAWARSYSCEN will use the Vasont Cross-Media Publishing System to deliver content to the Pathlore's LMS to plan, deliver, and manage e-learning for employees of the Departments of the Navy and Defense.
With each of the out-of-band NOC networks connecting to SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic, SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic automatically becomes the ideal location to host a server that aggregates each of the NOCs' email queues.
ManTech is very pleased to carry on our partnership with SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston, and is committed to continuing to provide the highest standard of support.
DIANE OWENS is the employee newsletter editor for SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic.
military," said Bob Ballentine, Project Engineer, SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston.
PATRIC PETRIE is a lead writer for SPAWARSYSCEN Pacific.