SPAXSax-like Interface for Parsing Soap
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The games provide an early test for the Young Terriers as they start to gear up for the 2019-20 campaign, having just returned from the SPAX Cup in Germany.
The other members include leader Jean Paul, main rapper Teno, main dancer Spax, D.L., Taichi and K-Kid.
Not so much perhaps conventional steel chipboard screws, but help is often needed at the more specialised and professionally used end of the range such as SPAX & HECOFIX screws with their special thread forms, which enables them to cut into timber without a pilot hole.
Artists such as George Wassouf will be performing at Spax on August 24.
Shown here are the SPAX, GRK and FastenMaster versions.
SEND YOUR QUESTIONS TO: DONNY'S TOP TIP When driving a screw into wood, use self-boring screws such as Spax as they remove the need to drill pilot holes and save lots of time.
My favorite deck screws for the smaller joints on this project are the Spax brand, which have serrated threads that bite aggressively into wood.
Lady Spax, in the lead when falling three out in the Limerick race, rates a possible threat.
It was a minter back then, with big valve head, stainless steel exhaust, Spax shockers, braided hoses and Minilite alloys.
The suspension has been lowered by 4cm using Spax springs and adjustable dampers and the wheels replaced with graphite chrome ones and low profile 17-in tyres.
st Pd Now he's helping young players like Akinola blossom, and the club's newest recruit is in their U19 squad for this weekend's SPAX Cup in Germany.