SPBASwiss Private Bankers Association
SPBASociety of Professional Benefit Administrators
SPBASingapore Promising Brand Award
SPBASociété Pétrolière du Bec d'Ambès (French oil company)
SPBASenior Professional Baseball Association
SPBAScottish Pipe Band Association
SPBASaskatchewan Pipe Band Association (Canada)
SPBASpartina Bakeri (sand cordgrass, switchgrass)
SPBAStormy Petrel Bar Association (Oglethorpe University)
SPBASeneca Powerboat Association
SPBASingapore Powerboat Association
SPBASouth Perry Business Association
SPBASun Parlour Baseball Association
SPBASilent Partner Body Armor
SPBASpotted Barbtail (Premnoplex brunnescens)
SPBASponsored Project Budget Authorization
SPBASuccess Profiles Benchmarking Analysis
SPBASouthern Permian Basin Area
SPBASan Pablo Baseball Association (California)
SPBASt Petersburg Ballet Academy
SPBASt Petersburg Bowling Association
SPBAStanford Pre-Business Association
SPBASouth Plains Bankers Association
SPBASyracuse Police Benevolent Association
SPBAStrategic Planning Budgeting and Assessment
SPBASt Paul Basketball Association
SPBASouth Philadelphia Blocks Association
SPBASao Paolo Bluegrass Association (Brasil)
SPBASpecial Permit, Board of Appeals
SPBASouth Plants Balance of Areas
SPBAStatement Processing Benchmarking Association
SPBAStonewall Professional and Business Association (Dallas, TX)
SPBASyracuse Play-Based Assessment
SPBASecondary Performance-Based Agreement
SPBASandy Plains Baseball Association (Marietta, GA)
SPBASelkirk-Priest Basin Association
SPBASecurity Pacific Bank Alaska
SPBAScientific Poultry Breeders Association
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Fun Fact: P Danny Boone became one of three former Senior League players to play in the Major League after the inaugural SPBA season.
The winners of SPBA 2015 have been unveiled today at SPBA 2015 Press Conference.
187) The State also argued that CIHD's complaints that the combination of parcels reduced the income to the school fund were irrelevant because, following the SPBA cases, the environmental group had no standing to raise the issue.
For SPBA 2012, there were five Award Categories, namely SPBA - Promising Brands SPBA Established Brands, SPBA - Heritage Brands, SPBA - CIMB Regional Brands and last but not least SPBA - Special Merit category where government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that have been established for at least three years are eligible to participate.
TANK TRUCKS which are used to transport OBF from Pertamina's installation depots to other depots, and further down to SPBU, SPBI, SPBA, APMS, DPPU, Kerosene Agent, KUD, bunkers and other facilities serving the end-users.
The bonds of each series are subject to mandatory tender: on any mode change date; on any Substitution Date in which the SBPA or the insurer is being replaced by another liquidity or credit facility; five business days prior to the expiration of the SBPA; upon termination of the SPBA in connection with a notice of an event of default (other than an Automatic Termination Event, as such term is defined in the SBPA), on the date specified in such notice from the SBPA provider to the paying agent, and in no event later than the day preceding the termination date of the SBPA; and while in the weekly rate mode, on any business day specified by the City, not less than 15 days after the paying agent's receipt of such notice.
Each SBPA is sized to provide for the entire principal amount of the bonds, the SPBA which provides liquidity for the series 2008A-1 bonds, provides 35 days of interest coverage at the maximum interest rate of 15% based on a year of 360 days and provides for the payment of the purchase price of tendered bonds during the daily rate and the weekly rate modes in the event that remarketing proceeds are insufficient to pay the purchase price.
Each SPBA provides for the payment of the purchase price of tendered bonds in the daily and weekly rate modes.
106,950 series 2004A (insured by Financial Security Assurance with SPBA provided severally by Citibank, N.
The SBPA is scheduled to expire on the earlier of June 1, 2007, (unless otherwise extended) or upon the occurrence of certain events of termination according to the terms of the SPBA.
108,540,000 series 2004A (insured by Financial Security Assurance with SPBA provided severally by Citibank, N.
108,540,000 University of Colorado Hospital Authority revenue bonds, series 2004A (insured by Financial Security Assurance with SPBA provided severally by Citibank, N.