SPBACStrategic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee (University of Arizona)
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(35) Between October 2006 and September 2007, the SPBAC's Centre for Justice received a total of 300 complaints against bureaucrats.
(57) Since its re-establishment, the SPBAC has played the leading role in providing training for bureaucrats.
For example, while the police jointly design their programmes with SPBAC, the military continue to have separate training programmes.
(36) Internal SPBAC documents obtained from an interview with the director of the Office of Justice, January 2009.
(39) See for example, "Strategy for Combating Insurgents in the Three Southern Border Provinces" [in Thai], National Defense College of Thailand, 2005; International Crisis Group, "Policy for Peace Building in the Three Southern Provinces: 12 Guidelines" [in Thai], 2005; Prime Ministerial Order 154/2546; Prime Ministerial order 207/2549 also gives the mandate for SPBAC and CPM-43 to identify measures to select efficient bureaucrats to be posted to the area, the removal of bureaucrats, and to provide special rewards and incentives as directed by the cabinet to bureaucrats.