SPBESaw Palmetto Berry Extract
SPBESociety of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors
SPBESyndicat des Producteurs de Bois de l'Estrie
SPBESelf-Pacing Biology Experiences (textbook)
SPBEScottish Parliament and Business Exchange (UK)
SPBESolving Problems Without Bruising Egos (ASPCA course)
SPBESpecial Property Broadening End (insurance)
SPBESuper Pressure Balloon Experience (NASA)
SPBESwitching and Presence Back-End
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Arthur McIvor, chief executive of the SPBE, said: "The SPBE are a non-lobbying, non-partisan educational charity.
Membership of the SPBE is through Airbus Helicopters UK, an employer in the oil and gas sector in Aberdeen.
This may be evidence that Russia has been deploying SPBE smart munitions, RIA Novosti reported.
The SPBE is a self-guided bomb that uses infrared guidance and is able to strike tanks and other military equipment with great precision.
In the SPBEs, reactivity against SAT 1 was mainly detected in this animal.
Although the activity of the rest of the species was not statistically different between dry and wet areas, overall in 2007, 6 (55%, n = 11) species (MILO, MIMO, MUER, SOREX, TASP, ZAPR) were more active in wet areas, 1 (9%) species (PEMA) was equally active in both site types, and 4 (36%) species (SOPA, SPBE, TAAM, TASE) were more active in dry areas (Fig.
In line with its program called the "Blue Sky Program," the Government has planned to build another 13 SPBEs through the private sector, of which 11 will be established in Jakarta, one in Bandung, and the other one in Denpasar.