SPBIService Products Buildings, Inc. (Maumee, OH)
SPBIState Police Bureau of Identification (Connecticut)
SPBIStatistical Pass-By Index (road surface noise level)
SPBISolidaritas Perjuangan Buruh Indonesia (Indonesia: Solidarity of Indonesian Workers Struggle; trade union)
SPBIShanghai Praxair Baosteel, Inc. (China)
SPBISingle Peak Bolus Injections
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To investigate these ideas with a sample of undergraduate students ("late adolescents", mean age 22 years), they administered Kramer's SPBI to measure stage of cognitive development and the Divergent Thinking Test (DTT) to measure creativity.
In the present study with undergraduate students, we also administered the Social Paradigm Belief Inventory (SPBI) to measure formal and postformal thinking and the Divergent Thinking Test (DTT) to measure creativity.
In two other studies with a similar age group, scores on the SPBI for relativistic thinking and for dialectical thinking (which together constitute postformal thinking) were higher than for formal thinking, but did not differ from each other (Kahlbaugh & Kramer, 1995; Kramer et al., 1992).
SPBI has a Cronbach's Alpha of 0.5; however, since the study is an exploratory one, the authors decided to proceed with the analysis.
Tanker trucks, used for the transport of BBM from one depot to the other depots of Pertamina and then to units of SPBU, SPBI, SPBA, APMS, DPPU, kerosene agents, KUDs, bunkers and other distribution facilities serving the consumers directly.
The results indicated that SPBI showed satisfactory discriminant validity and further revealed that the three-choice forced-choice SPBI version could distinguish the preeminent and preferable thinking mode used by each participant from among the three levels of cognitive development.
However, because SPBI is a forced-choice test, a high score in one mode of thinking necessarily leads to a lower score in another mode.
Kahlbaugh and Kramer (1995) employed the Likert version of SPBI and Kramer's Paradigm Interview (KPI; Kramer, 1990) to explore the relationship between relativism and identity crisis in young adulthood.
TANK TRUCKS which are used to transport OBF from Pertamina's installation depots to other depots, and further down to SPBU, SPBI, SPBA, APMS, DPPU, Kerosene Agent, KUD, bunkers and other facilities serving the end-users.
The flow of OBF for industrial plants is basically the same as in the OBF for gas stations, but instead of SPBU, the tip of the chain is SPBI.