SPBSSynchronous Pipelined Burst Sram
SPBSStandard Property Book System
SPBSSmall Parcel Bundle Sorter
SPBSStandard Project Book System
SPBSSpanish Periodical & Book Sales
SPBSSaint Paschal Baylon School (Thousand Oaks, CA)
SPBSSmall Package Bundle Sorter
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AMEX:APY) today entered into a non-exclusive letter of agreement with South Plains Biomedical Services (SPBS), allowing SPBS to represent and resell Aspyra's laboratory (LIS) and radiology information systems (RIS) and Picture Archive Communications Systems (PACS) to new and existing SPBS customers.
SPBS provides comprehensive preventive maintenance, electrical safety, full service agreements, and performance testing inspections to enhance the healthcare organizations equipment reliability and performance as well as satisfying Medicare, AAAHC, JCAHO and NFPA requirements.
The Manual Case system and SPBS are legacy products we have continued to support since our acquisition of Verbex Voice Systems.
Voxware's SPBS solution eliminates the `dexterity qualification' required of USPS employees who sort mail with the traditional processes.
The SPBS sorts a wide variety of small parcels and bundles of mail within USPS processing centers.
Contact point(s): Directia Comerciala Serviciul Achizitii Publice SPBS
Data from the SPBS, DMDC, and SIDPERS can be fed into any number of systems, such as the GSORTS, JOPES, TC-AIMS II, or the Combined Forces Data Base, for use in deployment planning.