SPCBScottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (UK government)
SPCBState Pollution Control Board (India)
SPCBStructural Pest Control Board (California and Texas)
SPCBStandard Printed Circuit Board (Hong Kong; manufacturer)
SPCBSaint Paul City Ballet (Saint Paul, MN)
SPCBSt Petersburg Community Band (St Petersburg, FL)
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It is thought that SPCB visits to parliaments in Belgium and the Netherlands, Sir David's visit to Canberra and and trips by officials to Barcelona could have cost the taxpayer around pounds 15,000.
Fraser said: 'I sense that the management style of the SPCB was essentially reactive, in that it appears to have relied heavily on the information put before it rather than taking a pro-active approach.
That does not mean that searching questions should not be asked about the role of the SPCB and the extent of their responsibility for the staggering escalation of the cost after they took over.
The SPCB believe it will promote a healthier lifestyle.
Parliament Presiding Officer Sir David Steel said: "The SPCB welcomes the fact that this review allows us a much greater certainty over cost and programme as we approach the expected handover of the building in November this year.
The latest delay and cost increase was revealed in a letter from the SPCB to the parliament finance committee.
This includes a functional analysis of SPCB, organizational development proposal, training and change management.
The SPCB reserves the right to make amendments to the Specification prior to the issue of the final version with the Invitation to Tender.
The service provision will also encompass full and summarised transcription from video to text format of materials received by the SPCB in BSL.
N ASDAQ : SPCB )("SuperCom" or "the Company"), a provider of secure solutions for e-Government, Public Safety, HealtchCare, and Finance sectors, today announced that it intends to offer and sell, subject to market and other conditions, shares of its ordinary shares in an underwritten public offering.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation & Commissioning of in-situ type SOx / NOx Analyser in flue gas at Multi flue stack of Unit #1,2 & 3 3 x 210 MW) of Mejia Thermal Power Station & Supply, Erection and Commissioning of pollution related remote data transmission system of Unit No H1 to 8 to SPCB and CPCB.