SPCDSolution Provider CD (Microsoft)
SPCDSubprocess Control Daemon
SPCDSelective Procedure Call Duplication
SPCDSpace Communications Division
SPCDStatistical Process Control Data
SPCDSmear Positive and Culture Difficult
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Fava also made the point that this study was of very short design, compared with other SPCD trials.
Por tanto, los grupos EAPI y EABB mostraron una reduccion significativa de los SPCD de la demencia en relacion al grupo control.
Es mas, aunque el programa PPI alcanzo solo una significacion marginal, los pacientes con EA sometidos al EC, ya sea tradicional o con BBA, lograron reducir de forma significativa las alteraciones SPCD en comparacion con el grupo de control.
Executive Vice Chair of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), who noted: "The TRIADE study is the largest and most advanced clinical study conducted using SPCD to-date.
The SPCD method incorporates two sequential placebo-controlled stages into the process, the second of which includes a re-randomization of placebo non-responders from the first.
The trial will have four arms: two doses of EB-1010 (standard dose 100 mg and half dose 50 mg), a placebo arm, and--under SPCD protocol--there will be an active comparator arm with subjects receiving paroxetine (Paxil([R])).