SPCGScandinavian Prostatic Cancer Group (Stockholm, Sweden)
SPCGScotia Private Client Group (Canada)
SPCGSingapore Police Coast Guard
SPCGSandy Point Community Group (Australia)
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25 ( ANI ): Kyocera Corporation and seven other companies, including the Kyudenko Corporation, Mizuho Bank Limited, SPCG Public Company Limited, Tokyo Century Corporation, Furukawa Electric Company Limited, Tsuboi Corporation and The Eighteenth Bank Limited, are jointly investigating the possibility of operating a maximum 480-megawatt (MW) solar power project on the island of Ukujima, Nagasaki.
In concurrence with the benefits of this project entering its next phase, Kyocera, Kyudenko, SPCG, Tokyo Century, Furukawa Electric, Tsuboi, Mizuho Bank and The Eighteenth Bank will continue to explore the project with the aim to achieve an environmentally friendly business model using solar power, while contributing to the development of the island's agricultural base.
Still, the fact that as of 2012 nearly one-third of the watchful waiting patients and one-fifth of the surgery group in the SPCG study had died from prostate cancer points to the need for vigilance against the disease, says Eric Klein, MD, chairman of Cleveland Clinic's Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute.
In August, SPCG said it had started construction of four solar power solar power plants of 7.
Kyocera delivered nearly 1,100,000 solar modules for the schemes while Thailand-based SPCG tackled installation.
We are honoured to be able to achieve this with Kyocera, our long-term partner, with whom we shared the same philosophy, vision, and determination to develop one of the best solar projects in the world, added SPCG chief executive Wandee Khunchornyakong.
The last of 35 solar power plants has been completed and licensed by SPCG and PV module manufacturer, Kyocera in Thailand.
SPCG and Kyocera has started building utility-scale solar power plants in 2010 to supply the north east of Thailand with low carbon energy.
On March 16, 2011, an investor website published a research report alleging that through a series of transactions beginning in September 2009, Zhao improperly transferred SPCG to himself; in July 2010 sold 49% of the interest in SPCG for RMB245 million ($37.
SPCG Public Company Limited today announced the full operational launch of one of Southeast Asia s largest solar power projects.
In response to the resulting strong demand for renewable energy, SPCG commenced the solar farm project in 2009 to construct and operate multiple solar power plants in Thailand.