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SPCKSociety for Promoting Christian Knowledge
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Half a guinea to the SPCK may be compared with her Southampton expenditure that year of 1 [pounds sterling] 2s.
60) The turn inward of the old SPCK after the 1740s, for example, encouraged Protestants abroad who had been the objects of attention to develop their own resources as the society "placed itself firmly in England and hardly concerned itself with the world beyond Calais.
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Robert Campbell, a noted supporter of the London Missionary Society and the SPCK, among other organisations, married an Anglican and gave generous donations of land and money to several churches before becoming an Anglican in 1845.
Lambeth Palace A History of the Archbishops of Canterbury and Their Houses By Tim Tatton-Brown SPCK, 116 pages, hardcover $43.
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Finding Hope and Meaning in Suffering, by Trystan Owain Hughes, is published by SPCK Publishing, priced at pounds 9.