SPCMSpecial Court-Martial
SPCMSingle-Photon Counting Module
SPCMShimano Power Change Mechanism (bicycle derailing)
SPCMScanning Photocurrent Microscopy
SPCMMaster Chief Steam Propulsionman (USN rating)
SPCMSpanish Campaign Medal
SPCMSatellite Propagation Channel Model
SPCMSancti Petri Collegium Musicum (Spanish: Sancti Petri Musical College; Málaga Cathedral; Spain)
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For SPCM 1015, mastery for Complete Sentences occurred in only two of the five samples; for COMM 2500, mastery for Complete Sentences occurred in one out of five samples; for SPED 5970, mastery for Complete Sentences occurred in three out of five samples.
As stated above, the path control information from the SPCM is encapsulated into packets' header so that the traffics conforming to the character of CNSC can be steered.
The current financial profile of SPCM incorporates funds from operations (FFO) to debt ratio of some 25%, continued adequate liquidity and large covenant headroom.
The SG&A (indirect) costs are assigned to each product and customer in the following way: The SPCM model assumes that an ABC system is used (1) to segregate SG&A costs into the four broad, macro value chain components (BA/M, CAMA/M, MPM, and CS) and (2) to assign SG&A costs to products and customers using a finer, micro breakdown of activity costs within each broad SG&A value chain component based on well-defined activity cost relationships.
In addition to its limited sentencing authority, the SPCM differs from the GCM in several other important respects.
This will enable government agencies to continue to equate the dishonorable discharge with the dismissal for determining eligibility for benefits, and also to continue the current distinction between a bad conduct discharge adjudged at a SPCM and one adjudged at a GCM for determining benefits for certain enlisted members.
This was because the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) did not require any judge advocate involvement at SPCMs until 1969, which meant that an Army one-or two-star general assuming duties as a GCM convening authority for the first time in the early 1970s, having been a battalion and brigade commander in the 1960s, had handled virtually all military justice matters without the assistance of an Army lawyer.
ATLANTA -- Today at Pittcon 2011, Excelitas Technologies, a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, customized optoelectronics to OEMs seeking high-performance technology solutions, introduced the latest addition, the SPCM-UV, to its leading-edge SPCM (Single Photon Counting Module) product portfolio, expanding the SPCM family's suitability into the short visible wavelength range.
Contested SPCM went faster than the uncontested ones (58)-37.
Chiefs of criminal law and the SJA must keep in mind that the SJAR is a congressionally-mandated event that must occur prior to action in any GCM or SPCM where the sentence includes a punitive discharge.
Appendix Pre-Moreno Court-Martial Processing Time 2006 Army Wide (175) Average Number of Days Records Preferral to First 39a to Termination used first 39a Termination to Action GCM 815 89 23 149 SPCM 334 56 6 147 OVERALL 1149 79 18 149 Average Number of Days Action to Dispatch to Total Days Dispatch Rec'd by Clerk of Ct.
General courts-martial will be assembled with ten members, and SPCM will be assembled with eight members.