SPCMCASpecial Court-Martial Convening Authority
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the SPCMCA will forward the authenticated conviction (and sentence,
(80) Commanders who are a Special Court-Martial Convening Authority (SPCMCA) may reduce or release a Soldier's spousal support obligation under AR 608-99, paragraph 2-6, when it is justified as a "matter of fundamental fairness." See id.
(27) Once the appointing authority--the SPCMCA--receives the DA Form 2173, he will appoint an investigating officer (IO) to complete Department of Defense (DD) Form 261, Report of Investigation--Line of Duty and Misconduct Status, (28) After the 10 completes the report, the SPCMCA will ensure the IO's report complies with his instructions, refer the report for legal review, and approve or disapprove the IO's findings before forwarding it to the approval authority.
(149) At the time MNC-I merged with MNF-I to form USF-I, MNC-I consisted of one joint general court-martial convening authority (GCMCA) at the MNF-I level, four Army GCMCA's (the three divisions plus MNC-I), a Navy special court-martial convening authority (SPCMCA) (the Al Asad Base Command Group), and two additional Air Wing SPCMCA's as well as nearly three dozen, Army SPCMCA's.
In Henderson, the SPCMCA referred an allegation of willfully hazarding a vessel in violation of Article 110(a), UCMJ, (24) a nonmandatory capital offense.
The SJA in Kirkland used a memo signed by the SPCMCA to solicit nominees from subordinate commanders.
Before a special court-martial can adjudge a BCD, servicing staff judge advocates must prepare a pretrial advice for SPCMCAs under Rule for Courts-Martial (RCM) 406(b).
Champoux, [6] retained GCMCA of three special court-martial convening authorities (SPCMCAs) and some 8,000 Soldiers at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, during the division's thirteen-month tour as the headquarters for U.S.
The most significant change to AR 27-10 is that special court-martial convening authorities (SPCMCAs) can now convene courts empowered to adjudge bad-conduct discharges (BCD SPCM).