SPCUSecretariat for Promoting Christian Unity
SPCUSatellite Processing Center Upgrade
SPCUService and Performance Checkout Unit
SPCUStarboard Power Conditioning Unit
SPCUStable Platform Control Unit
SPCUSubsea Power and Communication Unit
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43) Oesterreicher's "three requests" have not been integrated into the Apeldoorn memorandum but reached the SPCU as the Seton Hall requests.
In addition, the proposals and memoranda sent to the SPCU were not discussed during the plenary sessions but served only as preparation.
All those mentioned, except Demann and Stiassny, became members or consultants of the SPCU.
from the staff of the SPCU was co-opted, simultaneously with Anton Ramselaar.
My source for these SPCU working documents is Mauro Velati, ed.
But Volk also reworked his longer text, giving it out in French at the SPCU plenary of March 6-10 (872-83) and publishing it in the original German as "Wort Gottes: Gabe und Aufgabe," Catholica (Munster) 4 (1962) 241-51.
Later, during the 1962 Vatican II debate on the Theological Commission's De fontibus revelationis, Archbishop Denis Hurley (Durban, South Africa) mentioned, on November 19, the SPCU schema De verbo Dei as exemplifying a pastorally enriching schema, whose language shows the expansive power of God's word, which was notably lacking in De fontibus.
In his response, Frings called for a major revision of the schema De fontibus, including the recommendation that the whole chapter 5 be replaced by the SPCU schema De verbo Dei, which "treats the same topic and does this better.
In contrast, Fr Jerome Hamer, the secretary of the SPCU, proposed a very tight timetable, with publication of the document recommending membership in time for the WCC central committee meeting in Addis Ababa in January 1971 and a discussion at the synod of Catholic bishops in October 1971.
Admittedly, the reservations of the minority represented a foretaste of what would be expressed much more strongly on the Catholic side at the SPCU Plenaria in Rome a few months later.
The annual plenary assembly (Plenaria) of the SPCU in November 1970 was of crucial significance in the matter of RCC membership in the WCC.
It is essential -- though not easy -- to grasp the significance of the deliberations of the SPCU in November 1970.