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SPDSensory Processing Disorder
SPDSerial Presence Detect
SPDSummary Plan Description
SPDSecurity Policy Database
SPDSeattle Police Department (Washington)
SPDSozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (German Social Democrat Party)
SPDSoftware Product Description
SPDSolar Physics Division
SPDSociety of Publication Designers
SPDSurge Protective Device
SPDSuspended Particle Device
SPDSpeed Dial
SPDSpringfield Police Department
SPDSurge Protection Device
SPDSpectral Power Distribution
SPDSociety for the Physically Disabled
SPDSouth Pacific Division
SPDSpace Patrol Delta (Power Rangers cartoon series)
SPDSingle Programming Document (EU)
SPDSchizotypal Personality Disorder
SPDSpeed Mode (aviation)
SPDSchizoid Personality Disorder (psychology)
SPDSaidpur, Bangladesh (Airport Code)
SPDSupply, Processing and Distribution
SPDShimano Pedaling Dynamics
SPDSurvey of Program Dynamics
SPDSterile Processing and Distribution (hospitals)
SPDSemantic Pragmatic Disorder
SPDSheppard AFB (Wichita Falls, TX)
SPDSeparation Program Designator
SPDSociety for Pediatric Dermatology (Indianapolis, IN)
SPDSymphisis Pubis Dysfunction
SPDStandard Procedural Database
SPDSystem Program Director
SPDStorage Pool Deficiency (platelet)
SPDSeniors and Persons with Disabilities
SPDSpace Product Development (NASA)
SPDSpecial Products Division
SPDSyracuse Police Department
SPDSingle-Photon Detector
SPDSix-Port (Phase/Frequency) Discriminator
SPDSalem Police Department (USA)
SPDSalmon Poisoning Disease
SPDSelective Packet Discard (Cisco)
SPDSymmetric and Positive Definite
SPDScheduling, Pricing and Dispatch
SPDSpecial Programs Division (Environmental Technology Centre unit, Canada)
SPDStillwater Police Department (Stillwater, OK, USA)
SPDSystem Products Division
SPDSterile Processing/Distribution
SPDSchenectady Police Department
SPDSpinning Piledriver (gaming)
SPDSafety Policy Directorate (United Kingdom)
SPDServing Profile Database (UMTS function of the Call State Control Function, CSCF)
SPDSalutem Plurimam Dicit (Latin: many greetings; letter salutation)
SPDSolution Planning Directive
SPDSequenced Parts Delivery (automotive manufacturing)
SPDSurprise Police Department (Surprize, AZ)
SPDShip Project Directive
SPDSystem Program Directorate
SPDSolutions Provider Distributor
SPDSerial Parallel Digital
SPDScouting Peerke Donders (Oldenzaal, The Netherlands)
SPDScience Programs Division (STSCI)
SPDSystem Program Description
SPDSmokey Point Distributing, Inc
SPDStandards Planning Database
SPDShenandoah Police Department (Virginia)
SPDStandardized Position Description
SPDStability/Plasticity Dilemma
SPDPseudo-Parameter Design Method
SPDSoftware Process Development
SPDSurplus Plutonium Deposition
SPDSingle-Purpose Device
SPDSource to Plane Distance
SPDSorties Per Day
SPDStructures and Pneudraulics Division
SPDSupplementary Provisioning Data
SPDSeaford Police Department
SPDSales Programme Development
SPDSubjective Probability Distribution
SPDScale, Permutation, and Delay
SPDSociety for Participatory Development (India)
SPDStrategy, Policy and Delivery (UK)
SPDSoybean Processing Division
SPDSecondary Policy Database (Safenet)
SPDStandard Processing Stage (Infrared Space Observatory data analysis)
SPDSystems Project Development
SPDSecurity Police Desk
SPDServer Product Divison
SPDSpecific Position Description
SPDSeabrook Police Department (Seabrook, TX)
SPDSenioren Partei Deutschlands
SPDSterile Processing Department (healthcare)
SPDSustainable Peace and Development (various organizations)
SPDStrategic Product Development (various organizations)
SPDSimultaneous Product Development (software)
SPDSpeckled Dace (fish)
SPDService Provider Domain
SPDStrategic Product Design (Delft University of Technology)
SPDSerious Psychological Distress
SPDStrategic Planning and Development (various organizations)
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This will be the third "grand coalition" between the ruling CDU and the SPD since 2005.
European partners waiting impatiently for Germany to end its longest stretch of coalition haggling since the end of the war heaved a sigh of relief, with French President Emmanuel Macron calling the SPD decision "good news for Europe.
The SPD needs to be more like it has been in recent weeks and less like it has been in recent years -- the Jusos will ensure this," he tweeted.
Both Seehofer and Merkel would like the talks with the SPD to go as quickly as possible.
Thanks to what analysts called a clever strategic move to ask grassroots members to vote on the coalition, the SPD forced Merkel to accept many of the SPD's leftist policies even though the conservatives scored 41.
Members of SPD may seek advice on various aspects of investigations, cases and/or accounting matters from each other and from specifically-endorsed "expert" members, which in turn may lead to contract opportunities among the members.
And if the SPD is more favorable than the plan, a participant need only show "harm and causation" from the disclosure violation to enforce the more favorable terms.
Commenting on the outstanding achievement for SPD in Qatar, Alistair Davidson, Managing Director of SPD, said: "This is our first full project management contract in Qatar, a very competitive market, and delivering ahead of time and with a lower budget is testament to SPD's outstanding expertise and technological advancement.
The new rule also eliminates the limited exception for health maintenance organizations from the SPD requirements.
The SPD realized that teamwork can mean the difference between success and failure for any program.
According to the SPD, the new government will have 12 ministers from the SPD, three from the Greens and one from the private sector.
But the Berlin police president von Jagow was determined to regain the initiative and reverse SPD successes.