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SPDASociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (Spanish: Peruvian Society for Environmental Law)
SPDASupplier Data Program
SPDASingle Premium Deferred Annuity
SPDASouthern Philippines Development Authority
SPDASociete pour la Protection des Droits Artistiques (French: Society for the Protection of Human Art; Japan)
SPDASecondary Power Distribution Assembly
SPDASubaru Performance Drivers Association (racing)
SPDAStable Platform Deck Assembly
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The SPDA warned that it eliminates the requirement to prepare management plans for private land and native community areas regarding the harvesting of wild fruits and seeds that require the felling of even one tree.
Besides the SPDA and ISFD, the IDB Group has implemented the Bilingual Education Programme, the Programme for the Fight against Malaria, accelerated the programme against blindness and the Jeddah Declaration on food security for its African member countries.
For example, for a product mix that contains a whole-life SPDA and 20-year term life, the corresponding optimal product mix proportion is 35.
Cloke showed some examples indicating that a client who needs a certain amount of retirement income for a certain period would pay a smaller single premium under the DIA to do that than under a traditional SPDA that is annuitized for the same designated period.
Faculty members submit applications to the SPARC Office, which then reviews the applications and selects a group of SPDA Fellows to begin the fellowship together as a cohort.
The campaign clearly shows that people are no longer indifferent to environmental threats, and that large groups of people from different countries can be united to fight for a worthy cause," remarked Silvana Graf of the SPDA.
Zubiri tasked the SPDA and the OPAPP to submit to the Senate Finance committee their comprehensive plans on improving the educational system in Mindanao independent of the Madrasahi system and massive technical and vocational skills training program under the Pamana program of the OPAPP.
Indeed, there are signs that Abuja is already starting to flex its muscles, urging in Dushanbe that the IDB launch a successor programme to the SPDA and welcoming the opening of an IDB Country Gateway Office in Nigeria aimed at enhancing the Bank's visibility in Africa, deepening its engagement and interventions in the continent, and supporting its regional office in Dakar, Senegal.
She utilized the split annuity/Roth conversion strategy and divided this $100,000, placing one part into the SPDA pool (which stayed in the original IRA) and the second part into a Roth IRA (EIA) pool.
When people see what the IDB has done through the SPDA for Africa, others would also support the project," he said.
El caso mas conocido de este tipo de plantacion es el del proyecto Shanusi, del Grupo Romero, ubicado en la frontera de San Martin y Loreto, donde mediante un proceso muy cuestionado de otorgamiento y cambio de uso de tierras se han destinado 8000 hectareas al cultivo de palma aceitera, afectando en parte la posesion de un numero importante de pobladores rurales, y ocasionando en parte la deforestacion de bosques (Cepes 2009: 15; SPDA 2009: 17-21).
For example, one option that SPDA holders may exercise is the right to surrender their policies when interest rates change.