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SPDASociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (Spanish: Peruvian Society for Environmental Law)
SPDASingle Premium Deferred Annuity
SPDASouthern Philippines Development Authority
SPDASecondary Power Distribution Assembly
SPDASubaru Performance Drivers Association (racing)
SPDAStable Platform Deck Assembly
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The SPDA originated from a directive by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) after an extraordinary submit in Makkah to support the development of Africa; and in February 2008 the IDB Board of Executive Directors (BED) adopted the program.
For example, for a product mix that contains a whole-life SPDA and 20-year term life, the corresponding optimal product mix proportion is 35.
In Spring 2003, the SPARC Office chose a cohort of seven faculty to participate in the SPDA Program.
Nigeria's governor to the IDB Board, Dr Yerima Lawan Ngama, State Minister for Finance, while acknowledging that the IDB Group "not only provides significant resources to its African member countries (over $7bn development assistance in the last decade alone), but it is also playing a catalytic role by attracting additional financial flows from other regions to Africa", also urged the IDB to close the gap between financing approved and disbursed under the SPDA.
Three examples of these, two of which are taken from the property/liability branch of the insurance business, are SPDAs, workers compensation, and earthquake coverage.
The segment experienced wider spreads and continued growth in the SPDA and MVA lines during the second quarter.
Other responsibilities with Van Kampen included the management of a $4 billion SPDA annuity company for OakRe Life/Xerox Financial Services Life Insurance.
This huge housing project has been in the planning stage for the past four years, was initiated legally by the signing of the Joint Venture Agreement with the Southern Philippines Development Authority (SPDA) on June 24, 1998, was approved by the SPDA Board of Directors on January 9, 2001 after completion of a comprehensive Feasibility Study by Warisan, has now received the approval of the Office of the President and, upon receipt of the initial funds from the Development Bank of the Philippines is ready to begin.
The SPDA Board of Directors unanimously approved the project on January 9, 2001
The SPDA is a wholly owned Government corporation, and reports directly to the President of the Philippines at a Cabinet level position.
SPDA Series is a single premium deferred annuity with one-year and five-year guarantee periods.
Alexander Hamilton Life's Best's Rating had been under substantial downward rating pressure prior to its acquisition because of below- expected earnings results in its universal life and SPDA businesses.