SPDESState Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
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Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, L-3 SPDES employs approximately 215 people.
Energy shadow price (SP), the highest sequence SPMAX and sequence spris rises to the pollution of the environment has obvious inhibitory effect, but a decreasing sequence SPDES but has positive effects, shows that the energy shadow price to the pollution of the environment also has asymmetric effects.
produced from the well, in which case the plant's SPDES permit
SPDES permits would also cover treatment facilities built
The SPDES program and grants for wastewater treatment facilities are key factors in a demonstrable improvement of waters throughout the state.
On May 24, 1993, the judge signed the final settlement of the consent decree and the NYSDEC commissioner issued an official final SPDES permit for the facility.
maintain the limits of the SPDES Permit and that plant coverage
This effort was not required for the toxicity testing since the implementation of the new SPDES permit had been delayed.
The BAF and HRFS systems are those unit processes used at Metro to remove ammonia and phosphorus, respectively, in accordance with NYSDEC SPDES permit mandates.