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SPDFSynchronous Protocol Data Formatter
SPDFSpace Physics Data Facility
SPDFSealed Portable Document Format
SPDFService Based Policy Decision Function
SPDFSpace Physics Data Facility (NASA)
SPDFSeychelles People's Defense Force
SPDFService-based Policy Decision Function
SPDFSudan People's Defence Forces
SPDFSharp, Principal, Diffuse, Fundamental (electron orbitals)
SPDFSampling Probability Density Function
SPDFSmith Point Dance Floor
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Much to India's consternation, Beijing now participates in training SPDF and provides military hardware.
Some of the goals of the SPDF included 500 per cent increase in energy generation, creation of 200,000 new jobs and reduction of poverty by one fourth by 2018.
Even-even thorium nuclei have been studied within the frame work of the Spdf interacting boson model [1] and found the properties of the low-lying states can be understood without stable octupole deformation.
Some vendors assumed the presence of an intermediary function such as the SPDF of the ETSI TISPAN R1 architecture, whilst many Session Border Gateways (SBGs) combined both the S-SBG and D-SBG functions in a single element.
He was greeted on arrival by a guard-of-honour and welcomed at the Headquarters by the Chief of Defence Forces, Brigadier Leopold Payet, Chief of Staff, Colonel Clifford Roseline, Deputy Chief of staff, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Rosette and other SPDF officers.
Spdf interacting boson model [13] has been applied to the even-even [sup.
To note, a military hospital sponsored by the United Arabs Emirates and 36 housings units are being built for the SPDF staff Ile du Port.