SPDGSpeeding (ticket)
SPDGSyndicat Professionnel de la Geomatique (France)
SPDGSustainable Projects Development Group Ltd
SPDGSpacecraft Protection Design Guidelines
SPDGStudent Professional Development Group
SPDGSeattle Police Dispatchers' Guild
SPDGSteiner Problem in Directed Graphs
SPDGSmall Project Design Guidelines
SPDGStanford Product Development Group
SPDGSecteur Population Développement Genre
SPDGSimulation Product Development Group (Cranfield Aerospace)
SPDGSocial Planning Development Group
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The Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) seeks to contract with an applicant who incorporates Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) and frameworks of Implementation Science to improve students with disabilities access, progress, and achievement for special education service provision in inclusive co-taught general education classrooms as outlined by Alabama SPDG.
The development agreement involves the joint effort of three parties as follows: CPqD, TELEBRAS' Center for Research and Development; IBM's Telecommunications and Media Solutions Unit; and SPDG, IBM's Sumare Product Development Group.
This work is undertaken under the Vermont SPDG program.