SPDHSingle Parents and Displaced Homemakers (Kapiolani Community College; Honolulu, HI)
SPDHSt. Peter's District High School (Canada)
SPDHSeremban-Port Dickson Highway (Malaysia)
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UTStarcom's SPDH technology is based on the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) digital multiplexing hierarchy standard, known as Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy ("PDH"), that is widely used in the networks of telephone operators throughout the world.
SPDH also makes it possible to deploy metropolitan transmission installations in self-healing PDH rings with inexpensive add/drop nodes where any number of individual PDH streams can be added to or dropped from the ring.
LTD, will manufacture and market products based on UTStarcom Advanced Telecommunications Access Network (ATAN) technology, including their OMUX, HDSL, DLC, SPDH, and SDH product lines.