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SPDIFSony Philips Digital Interface
SPDIFSony-Philips Digital Interface Format
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The SPDIF input allows the BT-100 to be easily connected to nearly any flat panel television, making it easy for people to upgrade the sound of their flat panel television with a pair of bookshelf, on-wall, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers or a stereo speaker bar.
These are fed into a mixer to produce a two-channel analog output from the multi-channel HDMI or SPDIF entering the receiver.
Optional digital audio support is offered for SPDIF or optical signal extension over CAT 5 cable.
An optical digital out (SPDIF) port, for transferring digital audio to a mini-disc recorder, and an IEEE 1394 port are included as part of its standard configuration for fast digital video and data transfer.
DVRex R3 supports digital and analog audio and video formats (DV, IEEE 1394/i.LINK, SPDIF, Composite and S-Video) and breaks new ground by overcoming the 2GB .AVI file size limitation with seamless capture and playback.
-- A decoder amplifier, with built-in 24-bit Digital-To-Analog Converter, has separate inputs for SPDIF (AC-3) Dolby Digital, Creative's four-channel Digital DIN input, and analog stereo front and rear channels for use with DVD movies, Environmental Audio and DirectSound 3D games;
In the box you get the soundbar along with the power cable and a SPDIF cable.
Highlights include support for SMPTE 2020, a menu lockout function that prevents unauthorised changes to the unit's configuration, the ability to cycle through solo monitoring of defined clusters of audio channels at the press of a button, an optical SPDIF input option for monitoring the consumer's set-top-box experience, and improved display of metadata and stream status information.
The ASUS EeeTop ET20/22 Series can connect to external monitors, game consoles and other home entertainment devices via HDMI-in and SPDIF outputs (only for ET22 Series).