SPDMSimulation Process and Data Management (conference)
SPDMSpecial Purpose Dextrous Manipulator
SPDMStrategic Product Data Management (HNI Corporation)
SPDMScalable Polynomial Delay Model
SPDMSingle-Particle Density Matrix
SPDMSociedade Portuguesa de Doenças Metabólicas
SPDMSales Promotion Direct Mail
SPDMSingle-Point Diamond Machining (Hong Kong Productivity Council)
SPDMSamsung Product Development Management (Samsung)
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The SPDM is protected by the TK, hence the Message Authenticated code (MAC) is used to make sure that the SPDM is not coming from an external node.
Upon the reception of an authentic SPDM (Received [MAC.
Various SPDM systems were involved in SIMDAT such as VisualDSS, ESI's end-to-end decision support system.
Its model-publishing capabilities include support for industry-standard model formats, such as ECSM (Effective Current Source Models) and Liberty NLDM, as well as equation-based models, such as Liberty SPDM.
In addition to DynaCell shipping now with noise characterization, plans are in place to add support for Synopsys' SPDM format and the IEEE 1603 Advanced Library Format (ALF).
Noise (glitch) model support for Galaxy SI is scheduled to be available in Q1 of calendar 2004 with support for SPDM format and SPPM format following in Q2 of calendar 2004 and Q3 of calendar 2004, respectively.
The Liberty format includes LIB, PLIB, and SPDM for accurate timing, functional and physical library modeling, and there are in excess of 400 deep-submicron libraries available worldwide in the Liberty format.
We are impressed with the work that they have done -- especially in the area of establishing the interrelationship between characterization data acquisition and SPDM curve fitting.
Semiconductor vendors benefit from SPDM through the ability to develop and distribute a single library that captures timing, voltage level, and temperature variations within user defined delay equations.
Since multi-operating point SPDMs will be required for future Synopsys features and tools, we are happy to be first to market with a comprehensive 'generation through verification' flow for multi-operating point SPDMs.