SPDMSShuttle Program Data Management System
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Let [T.sub.S2] be the local earliest instant at which a sensor node can start its Phase2 from the instant it had received the first authentic SPDM, that is the instant it had started its Phase 1.
The BS proceeds by broadcasting an SPDM. This allows old nodes to establish secure links with new nodes, and to share with them LBKs and PWKs according to the key distribution process of Phase 1 and Phase2.
Firstly, as KMMR relies on authenticated broadcast messaging, it remains difficult for an adversary to prevent the arrival of the broadcast SPDM to sensor nodes; in addition non authenticated messages are forbidden from being rebroadcasted.
9, and also to that obtained by the immediate broadcast of the first received SPDM in Phase 1 without the collecting and randomization periods.
The modest key connectivity of the immediate broadcast of the first received SPDM (the lower curve) is essentially due to the important number of collisions.
5 displays the number of created tiers with each of the two scenarios of the SPDM broadcasting as a function of the total number of deployed sensors.
For KMMR, each node has to share its LBK with its neighbor nodes by broadcasting a SPDM. For a WSN comprising N nodes, N messages are then sent during the distribution of the LBKs.