SPDSSpace Physics Data System
SPDSSeller's Property Disclosure Statement
SPDSShuttle/Stabilized Payload Deployment System
SPDSSoftware Process Database System
SPDSStaggered PRF During Search
SPDSSuggestion Program Data System
SPDSShip Project Directive System
SPDSSignal and Power Delivery Systems, Inc. (Campbell, CA)
SPDSSmall Parcel Delivery System
SPDSSafety Parameter Display System (US NRC)
SPDSSudden Peasant Death Syndrome (Walraven MUD)
SPDSSubstances and Point and Diffuse Sources
SPDSScalable Performance Data Server (SAS)
SPDSWorking Group on Substances and Point and Diffuse Sources (OSPAR Commission)
SPDSSharepoint Deployment Planning Services (Microsoft)
SPDSStandby Power Distribution System
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Since the inception of the 5-year contract in September 2013, SPDS has approved standards for anthocyanins, chondroitin, PDE5 inhibitors, Mitragyna speciosa (kratom), Folin C, cinnamon and ashwagandha in dietary supplements.
Also at the Los Angeles meeting, AOAC's SPDS meeting will introduce and begin standards development activities for the next set of priority ingredients: collagen, lutein (and esters) and turmeric (curcumins).
where SPDSN(n) represent the number of elements of SPDS that are less than or equal to n, and [pi](n) denotes the number of all primes not exceeding n.
A short UBASIC program was run for all numbers up to 1, 000, 000, and the counts were 78498 primes < 1, 000, 000; 587 members of SPDS < 1, 000, 000.
But at present, we still can not prove that SPDS is a finite set, and we can not also solve Problem 1.
Under amendments to the Taxpayers Relief Act of 1997 (TRA 97), plan administrators are no longer required under ERISA to file SPDS and summaries of material modifications with the Department.
The problem with attempting to capture data for the various cancer screening procedures--along with certain other preventive care provisions--as was demonstrated from the results of the study, is that those procedures are not mentioned very often in the SPDS.
The Novovoronezh NPP Unit 5 SPDS is a powerful computer system that monitors over 2000 plant parameters via the SPDS data acquisition system and through interfaces to existing NPP computer systems.
Under both normal and adverse conditions, the SPDS host computers provide access to all SPDS information via workstations that are located throughout the plant (control room, engineering offices, etc.