SPDSSports Direct Shift
SPDSStandard Page Description
SPDSSafety Parameter Display System (US NRC)
SPDSScalable Performance Data Server (SAS)
SPDSStandby Power Distribution System
SPDSSymposium on Principles of Database Systems (Association for Computing Machinery)
SPDSSpace Physics Data System
SPDSSeller's Property Disclosure Statement
SPDSSharepoint Deployment Planning Services (Microsoft)
SPDSSubstances and Point and Diffuse Sources
SPDSWorking Group on Substances and Point and Diffuse Sources (OSPAR Commission)
SPDSShuttle/Stabilized Payload Deployment System
SPDSSmall Parcel Delivery System
SPDSSudden Peasant Death Syndrome (Walraven MUD)
SPDSShip Project Directive System
SPDSSuggestion Program Data System
SPDSSoftware Process Database System
SPDSStaggered PRF During Search
SPDSSignal and Power Delivery Systems, Inc. (Campbell, CA)
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Also at the Los Angeles meeting, AOAC's SPDS meeting will introduce and begin standards development activities for the next set of priority ingredients: collagen, lutein (and esters) and turmeric (curcumins).
A short UBASIC program was run for all numbers up to 1, 000, 000, and the counts were 78498 primes < 1, 000, 000; 587 members of SPDS < 1, 000, 000.
But at present, we still can not prove that SPDS is a finite set, and we can not also solve Problem 1.
Let SPDSN(n) denotes the number of all elements of SPDS that are less than or equal to n, and [pi](n) denotes the number of all primes not exceeding n.
The problem with attempting to capture data for the various cancer screening procedures--along with certain other preventive care provisions--as was demonstrated from the results of the study, is that those procedures are not mentioned very often in the SPDS.
Discussions with experts in the medical care industry and those involved with SPDS revealed that when cancer screening tests and certain other preventive care provisions are not described in the plan documents, they almost universally fall under a more general category, such as physical exams and diagnostic procedures.
Furthermore, should any plant functions deviate from normal setpoints or values, ERFIS would automatically preempt all terminals with the appropriate SPDS display denoting the alarm condition (these functions are commonplace throughout industry DCS installations).
Before designing ERFIS, Vermont Yankee dispatched a project team to examine SPDS and ERFIS-like systems at other utilities.
For example, one set of terminals may have handled SPDS, while others handled reactor core data, fuel rod positioning, area radiation monitoring, and balance-of-plant (the conventional generating portion of the plant) information.
In the event of an alarm, ERFIS automatically switches all displays into SPDS mode, with the specific alarm data depicted in red.