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SPDTSingle Pole, Double Throw
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SPDTSingle Point Diamond Turning (precision lathe used in optical fabrication)
SPDTSymposium on Parallel and Distributed Tools
SPDTStuart Pimsler Dance and Theater (Minneapolis, MN)
SPDTSidorov Precision Driver Training (Whistler, British Columbia, Canada)
SPDTSurgical Pathology Diagnostic Testing
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Building on the established performance hallmarks of MACOM's GaAs-based SPDT MASW Series switches, the new MASW-011102 is optimized for use in applications spanning test and measurement, EW and broadband communication systems.
In addition to the procedures performed in the SPDT group, FOB in the FPDT group was inserted through the small hole in the cap of the catheter mounted on the ET by an expert physician who had experience of using FOB.
Figure 5(a) shows a 3D view of the overall configuration of the circuit, and it can be seen that the end of the radiator is connected to the SPDT. Figure 5(b) shows the unfolded structure of the radiator.
Therefore, this paper proposes bandstop to allpass reconfigurable filter technique in SPDT switch design where its isolation depends on the bandstop response of the reconfigurable filter.
Pneumatic delay SPDT-DB and momentary or alternate-action SPDT and DPDT switches are available.
This new OEM series offers 2 versions; with an integrated IA SPDT relay or with a 8mA /16mA current shift output.
Both the RJ blade and RQ PCB series of general purpose relays offer long operational life and contact ratings of 12A 1 Form C (SPDT) and 8A 2 Form C (DPDT); the RQ series offers a high-capacity 16A 1 Form C model.
The new single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) relay is available in a failsafe/non-latching configuration and a latching configuration, and features high isolation (55 dB minimum at 26.5 GHz) and low insertion loss (0.8 dB maximum at 26.5 GHz).
w.c it provides a 4-20 mA process output and two SPDT relays with adjustable dead bands.
They also provide a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) contact configuration, rated at 250V AC 3A.
When the unit eventually senses the presence of dry material via the restricted motion of the paddle, the reversing torque actuates one or two internal SPDT (single pole, double throw) switches that can control up to two operations, such as sounding an alarm or shutting off a conveyor belt or feeder.