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SPE needed to be able to respond to our changing world in a more timely fashion, and the changes made help bring our governance into the 21 st century," says Cameron, who served as SPE president from 2015 to 2016.
Huzaifah Binn-Tahir, President of the Heriot-Watt SPE Student Chapter, said: Our team qualified for PetroBowl at the regional heat in Poland, and thanks to generous sponsorship from Geo2Flow, the Adrian Todd Golden Key Student Fund, the Alumni and Development Department at Heriot-Watt University, SPE Aberdeen and Foundation CMG, we can make it to San Antonio for a chance at winning the final.
During the board meeting, SPE Qatar strategic plans and a 2016 schedule of events were discussed, as was the upcoming International Petroleum Technology Conference, taking place in Doha next month.
As a separation technique, SPE dissolves or suspends compounds in a liquid mixture to separate a specific sample from other compounds in the mixture.
SPE has been used more commonly to produce cleaner extracts enabling higher sensitivity.
The majority SPE owner(s) is an independent third party with a substantial residual equity capital investment in the SPE.
The basic notion of an SPE is, you have an entity created and its activities are restricted to a specific thing, like leases.
Other issues which need to be addressed to ensure that the taxpayer is protected, not only in terms of reporting the transaction as a valid exchange, but also in protecting the taxpayer's investment include the following: First, the SPE should be a legal entity, not a person; it has to be properly organized and operate legitimately, and file tax returns.
SPE can also be used to detect the presence of dioxin and other toxic organic pollutants in ground water and wastewater.
Others believe the lessee should consolidate the SPE.
We are honored to have been recognized by the SPE for our technological leadership and are also very pleased to see that the plastic industry recognizes the importance of sustainability and the benefits of our proprietary bio-resins," said Scheer.