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SPEASchool of Public and Environmental Affairs
SPEASociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves (Portugal)
SPEAStreptococcal Pyrogenic Exotoxin A
SPEAStreamside Protection and Enhancement Area (Canada; environmental protection)
SPEASuicide Prevention Education Alliance
SPEASales Promotion Executives Association
SPEAService Platform Engineering Associates (Sprint)
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In addition to one year as District 2 Trustee to ASDA's Board, Telin served as president of the Buffalo ASDA chapter, class representative for the 2017 dental class and SPEA chair of communications.
The boundary-scan integration option from GOEPEL has been available in selected SPEA ICT systems for several years, GOEPEL said.
The first key technique of the SPEA is the calculation of clustering during updating of the external population.
SPEA Algorithm was introduced in 1999 by zitzeloo and zill.
SPEA (Zitzler and Thiele 1999) stores nondominated solutions in an external set representing the known front among all solutions considered so far.
Sandia noted that researchers now plan to work to "reduce the [FC] membrane electrode assembly, optimize catalyst and ionomer composition, improve the properties of the SPEA material, conduct life cycle testing in a [FC] environment and assess the potential value for large-scale commercialization of the polymer electrolyte.
Reilly, herself an IU SPEA alum with a Masters in Public Affairs, concentrating on environmental policy and natural resource management, was joined on the panel by representatives from URS Corporation and the American Water Works Association.
Sillerman, in which RFX will acquire a controlling interest in SPEA simultaneous with and conditioned upon SPEA's acquisition of a controlling interest in entities which control the commercial utilization of the name, image and likeness of Elvis Presley, the operation of Graceland and the surrounding properties, as well as revenue derived from Elvis' music, films and television specials.
Competition for projects linked to the European project SPEA on measures of energy efficiency innovation in municipal buildings with energy management and performance guarantee in shared savings rate of 10 public libraries of the City of Barcelona.
The transaction is subject to certain closing conditions and there can be no assurance that the transaction will be consummated or, if consummated that SPEA will necessarily be the investment vehicle.