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SPEASchool of Public and Environmental Affairs
SPEASociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves (Portugal)
SPEAStreptococcal Pyrogenic Exotoxin A
SPEAStreamside Protection and Enhancement Area (Canada; environmental protection)
SPEASuicide Prevention Education Alliance
SPEASales Promotion Executives Association
SPEAService Platform Engineering Associates (Sprint)
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(%) patients, by age emm type [less than or >5 y, p or SAg equal to] 5 y, n = 246 n = 401 value emm type 12 203 (82.5) 291 (72.6) 0.004# 1 34 (13.8) 77 (19.2) 0.078 Other 9 (3.7) 33 (8.2) 0.022# ([dagger]) SAg SpeA 47 (19.1) 96 (23.9) 0.15 SpeB 246 (100.0) 401 (100.0) NA SpeC 243 (98.8) 400 (99.8) 0.156 ([double dagger]) SpeF 245 (99.6) 400 (99.8) 1 ([double dagger]) SpeG 246 (100.0) 399 (99.5) 0.528 ([double dagger]) SpeH 192 (78.0) 301 (75.1) 0.387 SpeI 190 (77.2) 302 (75.3) 0.578 SpeJ 47 (19.1) 92 (22.9) 0.249 SpeK 1 (0.4) 3 (0.7) 1 ([double dagger]) SpeL 2 (0.8) 5 (1.2) 0.715 ([double dagger]) SpeM 5 (2.0) 9 (2.2) 0.857 SmeZ 245 (99.6) 400 (99.8) 1 ([double dagger]) Ssa 241 (98.0) 391 (97.5) 0.705 No.
Using the framework presented in figure 3, sequential and parallel versions of SPEA (Zitzler and Thiele 1999) and SPEA2 (Zitzler, Laumanns, and Thiele 2001) were implemented to solve the crop-selection problem.
However, TP concentration of more then 0.03 mg/L is commonly used as a lower level at which algal growth and eutrophication occur (SPEA 2006).
Due to the high permeability of the skin and to the susceptibility to desiccation under arid conditions, the annual activity period of the amphibians like Spea multiplicata (formerly Scaphiopus multiplicatus) depends upon the availability of moisture; consequently, the daily activity tends to be concentrated at night (Degenhardt et al.
This, in turn, will enable effects of ISR under the SPEA war-fighting construct from theater and national ISR in support the campaign plan.
According to Sandia officials, "under identical operating conditions, the SPEA material can deliver higher power outputs with methanol and hydrogen than Nation (recognized as the state-of-art PEM material for fuel cells)." The direct implication of these new attainable conditions place the SPEA as one of the best contenders for replacing the widely used Nafion, particularly within high-temperature, automotive applications.
Sandia National Laboratories recently announced it is developing a new type of polymer electrolyte membrane, dubbed the Sandia Polymer Electrolyte Alternative (SPEA), that is expected to "help bring the goal of a micro fuel cell [(FC)] closer to realization using diverse fuels like glucose, methanol and hydrogen."
I went for a walk with him out at Cape Spea, and asked him if he would do it.
SPEA's battle--which moved from arbitration to the state appellate court and then back to arbitration--began in 1996 when it learned of six members hired without proper credit for previous teaching experience.
Sian Spea, sales director of Persimmon Homes is expecting the development to attract a great deal of interest.
If nothing else, we need to spea up about the need for criteria in use.