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SPEASchool of Public and Environmental Affairs
SPEASociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves (Portugal)
SPEAStreptococcal Pyrogenic Exotoxin A
SPEAStreamside Protection and Enhancement Area (Canada; environmental protection)
SPEASuicide Prevention Education Alliance
SPEASales Promotion Executives Association
SPEAService Platform Engineering Associates (Sprint)
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SPEA Algorithm was introduced in 1999 by zitzeloo and zill.
Sandia noted that researchers now plan to work to "reduce the [FC] membrane electrode assembly, optimize catalyst and ionomer composition, improve the properties of the SPEA material, conduct life cycle testing in a [FC] environment and assess the potential value for large-scale commercialization of the polymer electrolyte.
Reilly, herself an IU SPEA alum with a Masters in Public Affairs, concentrating on environmental policy and natural resource management, was joined on the panel by representatives from URS Corporation and the American Water Works Association.
The SPEA 4060M Flying Probe testing enables decreased time-to-market for new products.
43 million to SPEA in exchange for 34,320,124 newly issued shares of SPEA common stock.
Expanding a long relationship with Tecnomatix, SPEA will offer eM-Test Expert as the preferred software package to prepare data for faster test programs generation and comprehensive machine support for SPEA testers.
As a result of the Rainbow sale and AASP spin-off, SPEA no longer has any interest in Rainbow or AASP and has no continuing operations other than those of an active public company seeking a business opportunity.
However, due to the spinoff of AASP to SPEA shareholders, effective May 3, 2002, the company no longer owns AASP.
19, at Smith-Lund-Mills Funeral Chapel in Cottage Grove for William Reece Speas of Creswell, who died Oct.
I'd adore it if you'd look at the language we like to use," pleads Speas of the WRTC.
In our logistics group we work with clients who are reviewing and developing their distribution strategy," Speas says.
Diane Speas Faison, Rippon Middle School, Dumfries, VA